CBB: Marnie Simpson admits she would be "disappointed" if Lewis Bloor was a no show at eviction

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CBB: Marnie Simpson has admitted she would be "disappointed" if Lewis Bloor wasn't there to greet her when she leaves the house.

Marnie is currently up for eviction, alongside five of her housemates: Ricky Norwood, Frankie Grande, Katie Waissel, Sam Fox and eternally nominated Bear.

Two will leave the house tonight (23 August) in a double eviction and speaking about the upcoming public vote with Frankie, Marnie has said that if she goes, she wants Lewis to be waiting for her in the Big Brother studio.

Marnie Simpson and Frankie Grande discuss eviction, CBB
23 August

© Channel 5

In a new video shared by Big Brother, Frankie wonders whether Lewis will be there for Marnie if she is to leave. Marnie replies: "I hope he is there, I'd be a bit disappointed if he didn't."

The Geordie Shore star also admitted she is getting bored in the CBB house, and would be slightly "upset" if she was kept in by the public. She says: "I would be happy that people voted for us, but I would be upset that I would have to do another four days where time stands still... three days. It just stands still the time."

Frankie asks Marnie if that's because she is bored or because she is missing Lewis and she tells him: "It obviously is a little bit, but I found it easier when he was in here."

In a nominations twist, Marnie, Frankie, Renee Graziano and Aubrey O'Day could choose TWO housemates to nominate, after winning the house's latest shopping task, while losers Bear, Sam, Ricky and Katie could pick only one.

Marnie was nominated by Renee, Aubrey and Frankie. Bear found it surprising that they had chosen to put Marnie up, but she insisted she was ok with their decision and had told the girls she wanted to go. She told Bear: "I've been telling them for days that I wanted to go."

CBB: Marnie Simpson is nominated by Renee, Aubrey and Frankie
23 August

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CBB: Marnie and Lewis talk about the future
15 August 2016

© Channel 5

Throughout her time in the house, Marnie had struck up a romance with Lewis and after just ten days into the series, Lewis confessed to Marnie that he loves her.

He was recently evicted, alongside James Whale, meaning the pair have been separated for the final week, but Lewis has since revealed he is hoping to continue his relationship with Marnie on the outside.

Appearing on Loose Women, he told the panel he was "100 percent" going to try and make it work between them, while denying the couple were putting on a showmance. Lewis said: "I can understand how people will look at it and it is very crazy. But, she's great and I can't wait to see her."

"100 percent [we'll work at it]," he added. "She's my girlfriend and I'm her boyfriend, that's it. We've said that we need to come out and appreciate that we are going to be busy, her more so than me. She's the star."

CBB airs nightly on Channel 5 at 9pm.

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