CBB's Lewis Bloor genuinely forgot about the cameras when he got fully naked

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Celebrity Big Brother's Lewis Bloor has insisted he genuinely forgot about the cameras during the occasions we saw him fully frontal naked.

The former TOWIE star, 26, paraded his goods on a few occasions in the house such as when he showered with Marnie Simpson and after a boozy night where he walked around the bedroom starkers with nothing but Marnie's unicorn slipper on his manhood.

He also, er, flaunted his testicles to Renee Graziano!

Lewis Bloor on The Saturday Show
Channel 5

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Lewis on The Saturday Show.

Appearing on Channel 5's The Saturday Show, Lewis said: "You do sort of forget the cameras are there at points. When you have the highs of going through an eviction process and tasks and stuff, that's when you're aware of the camera. The other 11 hours of the day, you do kind of relax."

He added: "My nan watches the show so it is quite embarrassing but you go in there and you're yourself. Sorry everyone! That's me!"

CBB Episode 11: Lewis walks around naked
10 August 2016

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Lewis wasn't shy at getting naked.

Lewis was always asked, of course, about his house romance with Geordie Shore star Marnie Simpson, 24. They exchanged 'I love yous' after spending three weeks together in the house and Marnie looked devastated when Lewis was evicted on Friday night.

"It's a bit too early to talk about weddings and stuff," said Lewis, "but we have been on the world's longest first date. You're in a confined environment and get to know each other really well, the good and bad. She was really poorly in there at one point and I had to look after her so we have strong bonds.

"We'll have to see how it goes but I'm very much in love with her. She's a very, very kind and nice girl. I'm a bit of an oddball so it kind of works. She's wicked. In there you can't be intimidate and things like that so you have to get to know each other for who you are. "

CBB: Marnie and Lewis share a kiss
18 August 2016

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Lewis and Marnie were inseparable.

Lewis may be reunited with Marnie on Tuesday night as she's up for eviction in the last dumping of the series. Two housemates will be going home ahead of this week's finale. She faces Bear, Sam Fox, Frankie Grande, Ricky Norwood and Katie Waissel in the public vote.

"I think she's always had a very strong chance of doing very well purely on how lovely she is," said Lewis this week. "I suppose I had Marnie's voice the whole time I was there. She's always said she wasn't interested in playing the game or speaking to people for the sake of going further. She enjoyed my company and speaking to me. Now I'm gone she'll speak to other people."

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