Ex On The Beach: Jem Lucy kicks off at ex Hawley and throws his clothes over the balcony

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Ex On The Beach: Jem Lucy kicks off at ex-boyfriend Hawley, after he admits he would rather spoon Chloe Goodman instead of Jem in a game of 'Would You Rather?'.

If you're not yet all clued up, Jem and Hawley have dated in the past and Jem claims he has broken her heart. She's confessed to still being in love with her ex-beau but was dreading seeing him again, and she broke down in tears at his arrival on the beach.

It's clear things are pretty tense between the pair and approaching Jem, Hawley told her: "You make a mug of me, hope you're ready for me to make a mug of you..."

EOTB: Hawley plays game of 'Would You Rather?' with the group
23 August


Well, things are still strained and Jem loses her cool when Hawley deliberately winds her up.

The gang are playing a game of 'Would You Rather?' and Hawley is asked who he would rather spoon: Jem or Chloe. He replies: "It would have to be Chloe…"

Not surprisingly, that doesn't go down well with Jem and she retorts: "He only lasts three seconds anyway," before storming off into the bedroom.

Next thing you know, Jem is launching Hawley's clothes off of the balcony in the villa.

EOTB: Jem Lucy throws ex Hawley's clothes off the balcony
23 August


So what caused such a reaction?! Let's recap.

Prior to Hawley arriving, Jem had made a 'beeline' for Gaz and the pair ended up sleeping together on the first night. As if on cue, Hawley then arrives and learns from Kayleigh Morris that Jem has already bedded Gaz.

What we then find out, is that Gaz and Hawley have known each other for a long time, in fact they've been friends for ten years. When Gaz tries to talk to Hawley about his night with Jem, Hawley accuses him of having "no morals" and the pair end up having an explosive row.

An angered Gaz hits back that Hawley is a "hypocrite", claiming that he has done the same to Gaz and slept with his ex in the past.

EOTB 5: Gaz Beadle clashes with Jem Lucy's ex-boyfriend David Hawley
17 August


Hawley and Jem are then sent out on a one-on-one date to try and sort through their issues. They get to discuss their relationship and where it all went so wrong, and agreeing to start again, Jem wants to wipe the slate clean with her ex-beau.

She confesses to sleeping with his best friend and Geordie Shore star Scotty T. Hawley tells Jem he is gutted and while she is hoping he'll be able to forgive and forget, Hawley reveals that he is more determined to f**k things up for Jem.

Could that explain why he decides to pick Chloe as his answer, then?

Ex On The Beach continues Tuesday 23 August at 10pm on MTV.

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