Ex On The Beach: Chloe Goodman is sent home by Bear and a HUGE fight breaks out

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Ex On The Beach: Stephen Bear is given the power to send one of his fellow castmates home and he chooses Chloe Goodman.

It may only be episode two of Ex On The Beach, but already the villa is saying goodbye to one of its stars. Known for stirring things up, the Tablet of Terror doesn't disappoint and surprises Bear by giving him the opportunity to give someone the boot.

He chooses Chloe and, to be honest, are you really surprised?

EOTB: Chloe Goodman embarrasses Bear in front of Kayleigh Morris
23 August


Fans will know that so far Bear has been grafting Chloe but to no joy.

She isn't interested in him in the slightest and despite Bear putting on the charm, she hasn't been persuaded. In fact, she actually leaves him a little red-faced when she ruins his chances with his former flame Kayleigh Morris.

There's no love lost between Chloe and Kayleigh (Chloe claims Kayleigh has slept with all of her exes, which Kayleigh has said 'she can only think of one') and when Bear turns his attentions to Kayleigh, Chloe points out that he has previously called her a "dog."

Unluckily for Chloe, though, Bear is given the ultimate revenge and reveals it's time for her to pack her bags and head home.

Although, his decision does NOT go down well...

Ex On The Beach: Bear sends Chloe Goodman home
23 August


Nope. Jess Impiazzi is less than impressed with Bear picking her best friend to leave the villa. She lashes out at Bear and all of a sudden a fight breaks out of nowhere. Well, it is Ex On The Beach people...

Both Jordan and Chloe get involved. Jordan calls Jess a "d*ck" and as things escalate, Chloe slaps him around the face and almost ends up pushing him in the pool. Almost.

That doesn't change things, however, and Chloe is still forced to leave the villa.

EOTB: Chloe Goodman ends up in a fight with Jordan Davies
23 August


Her bust up with Jordan isn't the only fallout fans will see, as Gaz gets in an explosive row with Jem Lucy's ex David Hawley. Gaz and Jem had slept together on their first night in the villa, and it's later revealed that Hawley is a friend of Gaz's and the boys have known each other for ten years.

He calls Gaz out for having "no morals", while an angered Gaz calls Hawley a "hypocrite" - claiming that he has done the same to Gaz and slept with his ex in the past.

SO. much. drama.

Ex On The Beach continues Tuesday 23 August at 10pm on MTV.

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