CBB's Lewis Bloor reacts to Marnie Simpson simulating sex act on a banana

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So, what did Lewis Bloor make of Marnie Simpson's demonstrating her, er, oral pleasuring skills on a banana in front of her Celebrity Big Brother housemates?!

Answer: she needs a bigger one!

CBB: Lewis watches Marnie simulate sex on a banana on CBB BOTS
23 August 2016

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Geordie Shore star Marnie got VERY raunchy with a banana on the latest episode of CBB, telling Renee, Aubrey and Katie, who were watching, that she was imagining her banana was Lewis.


So naturally, while appearing on Bit On The Side later that night, Rylan Clark-Neal just HAD to ask Lewis what he thought about the sexy scene.

"I think she needs a bigger banana, doesn't she?" joked Lewis, alluding to the fact we've ALL seen him full frontal naked on the show and many people were rather impressed by his manhood.

"Listen, I 'm glad to see she's having fun in there again. She's back to her old self and I think she needs to enjoy her time as before you know it, it will be the final and I hope she'll be there. Fingers crossed she carries on enjoying herself."

CBB: Lewis watches Marnie simulate sex on a banana on CBB BOTS
23 August 2016

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Lewis on CBB BOTS.

Former TOWIE star Lewis, 26, was separated from girlfriend Marnie, 24, on Friday night when he and James Whale were evicted in a double dumping. They fell in love during their three weeks together in the house. Some housemates have suggested now Lewis has gone, Marnie will have more of a voice and become more involved in house activities, and even stands a stronger chance of making the final.

"I think she's always had a very strong chance of doing very well purely on how lovely she is," said Lewis. "I suppose I had Marnie's voice the whole time I was there. She's always said she wasn't interested in playing the game or speaking to people for the sake of going further. She enjoyed my company and speaking to me. Now I'm gone she'll speak to other people."

Marnie faces tonight's double eviction against Bear, Sam Fox, Ricky Norwood, Frankie Grande and Katie Waissel.

CBB continues 9pm on Channel 5.