CBB: Katie Waissel wants to leave after housemates label her "unstable"

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CBB: Katie Waissel has threatened to leave the house, after her housemates brand her "unstable."

It's the final week of the series, but Katie has already asked Big Brother if she can head home despite coming so far. She learns that her fellow housemates have been talking about her and the conversation has questioned how strong she is and her stability in the house.

Katie insists she is "not unstable", but later tells Big Brother she wants out.

Katie Waissel in the Diary Room, CBB
August 2016

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Tensions between Katie and the rest of the group surface when Aubrey O'Day tells her what everyone has been saying. She says: "There has been conversation in the house about you being weak and your stability."

Hearing that leaves Katie upset and she heads to the bathroom, while Aubrey tells Frankie Grande he should have been honest with Katie and told her he thinks she is 'unstable.' Knowing Frankie has said so may come as a shock to Katie as the pair previously gush that they have a 'special connection.'

Reflecting on their friendship, Frankie tells Katie: "We're the same person."

He does later apologise to her calling her 'unstable' and says: "If I ever did use the word unstable to describe you, I apologise to your face. I don't recall. I do not think you're weak."

Katie accepts his apology, but the situation isn't helped by Bear (surprise, surprise) who is watching on and jokes: "Get the violins out!"

That prompts Katie to head to the Diary Room and ask Big Brother if she can leave the house. Will she really go this close to the final?! Surely not?

It's not the first time Katie has got upset over her character being questioned.

Fans recently saw Lewis Bloor tell Katie that she has 'no identity' in the house, before giving her a motivational speech on how to like herself. Katie had vented to Aubrey about Lewis, before insisting to the former TOWIE star (when she could get a word in) that she did like herself.

CBB: Lewis gives Katie a motivational speech
19 August 2016

© Channel 5

It sounds like the house is starting to take its toll on Katie, as she recently revealed to Bear that she was starting to see a different side to people. She claimed, and wouldn't name names, that some people are trying too hard to win the show, later calling out Frankie for playing the biggest game in the Diary Room.

Before the housemates reach the final, though, they will all have to survive one more eviction AND it's a double.

In a nominations twist, Renee, Aubrey, Frankie and Marnie Simpson will choose TWO housemates to be nominated, after winning the latest Christmas-themed shopping task, while Bear, Katie, Ricky Norwood and Sam Fox will only get to pick one housemate to put up for eviction.

Bear is eternally nominated and will automatically face the public vote.

CBB airs nightly on Channel 5 at 9pm.

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