CBB star Lewis Bloor is left red-faced when Loose Women panel tell him they've seen him naked

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CBB star Lewis Bloor was left rather red-faced during an appearance on Loose Women, after the panel revealed they had seen him naked.

Yup. The former TOWIE star's naked antics in the house came back to haunt him, as the Loose Women panel jokingly teased Lewis and told him they had all seen his bits.

Awkward, much?

Lewis Bloor gets embarrassed on Loose Women after they reveal they've seen him naked, ITV
22 August


Lewis Bloor gets embarrassed on Loose Women after they reveal they've seen him naked, ITV
22 August


Covering his face with his hands, Lewis laughed off his embarrassment and when asked what his mum thinks of him daring to bare all (and we mean ALL) onscreen, Lewis jokingly replied: "I'm a bit of a naked baby girls. I'm always walking around the house... everyone's seen it all before."

Joking aside, he then added: "No... the first week you are aware all the cameras are in there, but all of a sudden it's just normal."

Fans had seen Lewis panic on CBB after learning that viewers at home had seen his nether regions and more than once, may we add.

Lewis has given everyone a full-frontal view in the shower, paraded naked in the bedroom with just Marnie's unicorn slipper on his manhood, and proudly displayed his testicles to Renee Graziano in the bedroom at the encouragement of Marnie.

But, it was only when Marnie's cousin Sophie Kasaei paid a visit to the house that he started to regret his actions. She had pointed a Lewis and referring to his penis, said: "Schlong."

Lewis was later seen discussing her comment with Marnie and questioned: "I wonder if it's my actual c*ck or if it's just in my pants. I do star jumps and see it flopping about. A lot of the times I'm just grabbing it, not necessarily walking around… come on, they're not going to show my bare raw c*ck."

Now, he knows...

CBB Episode 11: Lewis walks around naked
10 August 2016

© Channel 5

CBB: Marnie encourages Lewis to show Renee his testicles
15 August 2016

© Channel 5

The panel asked Lewis if there was anything else that he had been embarrassed about during his time on CBB, and he admitted there were times that he could have "handled himself better."

He said: "There's a couple of arguments that I had, that I think I could have handled myself better with. Obviously, me and Heavy D came very close to doing something we perhaps shouldn't have."

Fans will remember Lewis was given a formal warning after throwing a drink in Heavy's face during an explosive row. Lewis had lost his cool following Heavy's jibes that he 'talks about himself too much.'

Lewis was recently evicted from CBB in a double eviction, alongside James Whale. Tweeting after his exit, he gushed: "Couldn't be prouder to walk out of that madhouse hand in hand with this gentleman! #CBB."

He also declared his love for Marnie during his exit interview and speaking about her on Loose Women, Lewis revealed he hopes to be with Marnie in five years time.

"I do have a five year plan and I'd love to still be with Marnie by the end of it," he said. "I think, if I am with Marnie in five years time, I'd be surprised if she doesn't have a ring on her finger."

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