CBB's Lewis Bloor talks future with Marnie: "I'd be surprised if she doesn't have a ring on her finger"

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CBB star Lewis Bloor has said he is hoping to be with Marnie in five years time, and if he is, he'll make sure to put a ring on her finger.

We've made a note of that one, Lewis!

Lewis Bloor discusses Marnie Simpson romance on Loose Women, ITV
22 August


Lewis had been discussing his relationship with Geordie Shore star Marnie on ITV's Loose Women, after striking up a romance with her in the CBB house.

Fans watched the pair fall for each other onscreen, with Lewis admitting after just ten days that he had fallen in love with Marnie. Since then, we've seen Lewis openly talk about the pair's future as a couple and recently gushed to Marnie that he had a five year plan for the two of them.

He was asked what he thinks the future holds for himself and Marnie by the panel and Lewis replied: "We'll have to wait and see. I'm not someone who likes to rush. Getting this far for me, and meeting someone, is a bit of a result for me. I'm happy with things as they are."

Reminded of his five year plan, though, Lewis was pushed on whether he could see marriage and babies on the cards for himself and Marnie. He said: "I know things have moved quickly so far girls... I do have a five year plan and I'd love to still be with Marnie by the end of it."

"I think, if I am with Marnie in five years time, I'd be surprised if she doesn't have a ring on her finger," he claimed. Although, he made sure to quickly add: "But that is a five year plan" - putting extra emphasis on the five.

CBB: Lewis tells Marnie he wants to take her on holiday
18 August 2016

© Channel 5

Still, there is no doubt that Lewis is keen to make a go of things with Marnie and he's willing to make it work despite their hectic schedules and the distance between them. Lewis is in Essex while Marnie is based in Newcastle.

Addressing that the outside world can make things harder for their romance, Lewis said: "Falling in love you've got to have your guard up, and even she questioned it at time. I said to her, even my mum would say to you, 'Good for you for not just being soppy all the time. You have to protect yourself.' When we see each other again, if we can somehow find that space that we had in there and replicate some of that magic, then it will be good.

"I feel like you have to trust the person you're with. When I left, I said to her, 'Don't let your mind wander. I will be here for you the whole time.'"

"100 percent [we'll work at it]," he added. "She's my girlfriend and I'm her boyfriend, that's it. We've said that we need to come out and appreciate that we are going to be busy, her more so than me. She's the star."

CBB Summer 2016, Day 20
Marnie and Lewis talk
17 August 2016

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Lewis' comments come after Renee Graziano was recently seen warning Marnie not to quit Geordie Shore for Lewis. She stressed that Marnie should stay on the show, until her relationship with Lewis becomes more serious, pointing out that she still doesn't know Lewis that well.

Renee said: "You say you can't do your job because you're afraid it's going to f**k it up, I get that completely, but at least give the job a try. And then if it's not working and it's causing complications and the relationship is serious, then you can say you're going to leave the show. Don't leave, you don't know him from Adam yet."

Her comments had come after Marnie shared her concern at returning to Geordie Shore while dating Lewis. She admitted that she was unsure whether she could put herself back in that situation, and not hook up with anyone else, especially because of her on/off romance with Aaron Chalmers.

Lewis, meanwhile, was evicted from the CBB house alongside James Whale in a double eviction. On his exit, he declared his love for Marnie to host Emma Willis and said: "I'm gutted to leave her (Marnie). The best thing about this experience is meeting her. I feel like she's my best friend and I fancy her as well."

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