CBB's Lewis Bloor explains his and Marnie Simpson's connection prior to going in the house

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CBB star Lewis Bloor has explained his connection with Marnie Simpson, prior to their appearance in the house.

On the show, Lewis and Marnie were quick to strike up a romance and have had to fend off claims they are putting on a showmance ever since. Especially as it came to light that Lewis and Marnie have met before.

Marnie's ex-fiancé Ricky Rayment (Lewis' former TOWIE co-star) accused the pair of hooking up in the past, but they have denied this. Now, Lewis has shed light on how he knows Marnie and insists the paths have only crossed once before.

Lewis Bloor discusses Marnie Simpson romance on Loose Women, ITV
22 August


Appearing on ITV's Loose Women, Lewis explained: "Me and Marnie have met once briefly before about a year ago and at the time there were some pap pictures put up which were unfortunate for her ex Ricky. He rang me about it and said, 'What's happened? Did you go home together?'

"We got in a cab with a bunch of people, there were three taxis, from one club to another. We hadn't seen each other since."

"When I say the best thing about my experience is meeting Marnie it's because we saw each other at an event, it was business, it was for work," Lewis clarified. "We met each other how we are in [the CBB house]."

Lewis and Marnie had seemed pretty smitten with each other on the show, and after just ten days of knowing Marnie, Lewis told her he was in love.

Speaking about their intense relationship, he told the panel: "I feel like in life someone you've known for five weeks, may have better intentions than someone you have known for five years. Time is a relative thing, and it wasn't the fact that we saw each other for 45 minutes for 23 days. We spent every waking moment together."

"If you don't know you have got feelings for someone in that time, then you probably don't," he said.

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Marnie and Lewis

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When asked if he had been in love before, Lewis admitted that his romance with Marnie was a "new feeling" for him.

"I feel very shy talking about it," he admitted. "I can understand how people will look at it and it is very crazy. But, she's great and I can't wait to see her."

Lewis was recently voted out of CBB, alongside James Whale, in a double eviction. On his exit, he declared his love for Marnie and told host Emma Willis: "I'm gutted to leave her (Marnie). The best thing about this experience is meeting her. I feel like she's my best friend and I fancy her as well. I needed her to see the person I am and not the person everyone thinks I am. She loves me for who I am, and I love her. She's wicked."

Marnie, meanwhile, was devastated to see him go. She vented her frustration to Big Brother in the Diary Room and said: "I'm angry Lewis isn't here, and I'm left with a bunch of people who shouldn't be here. I hate them all. I hate them."

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