CBB's James Whale admits he 'would have behaved like Bear' if he was younger and on the show

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CBB: Recently evicted James Whale has admitted that if he had been younger and in the house, he would have probably behaved in the same way Bear has been on the show.

A bold statement, right? Maybe, but James (who had given Bear a run for his money at one stage in the first few days of the series) admitted he would have been tempted to act in the same way, had his time on the show been back in the day.

The 65-year-old said during an appearance on This Morning: "I quite like Stephen Bear, you may find that hard to believe. If I had been his age, I would probably have behaved like him."

James Whale appears on This Morning, ITV
22 August


Bear has had fans divided since he entered the CBB house, after continuously choosing to wind up his housemates with his pranks and push their buttons. He had clashed with James early on into the show, and fans saw James actually tip an entire bag of coffee over Bear's head.

He and Heavy D had been dancing around James and continued to do so, after he had asked them to stop multiple times. In the end, James reacted by throwing coffee over Bear, while Bear retaliated by pouring a pan of water over James.

Many of Bear's housemates didn't agree with him retaliating, as James is an older man, but James admitted it had partly been his fault. He said: "It's my fault because, well it's not really my fault, but they decided to wind me up, so I just poured the ground coffee all over Bear because he annoyed me."

CBB: James Whale and Stephen Bear clash in a food fight
1 August

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Since then, however, viewers have seen James warm to Bear and it's not the first time he has been caught praising him. On his exit interview, following his double eviction alongside Lewis Bloor, James had told host Emma Willis: "[Bear] can be incredibly difficult in some cases, but I've had some great talks with him, he's really switched on.

"If he can control the bits that go too far, I feel he can be an amazing asset to this country," James claimed.

Meanwhile, James reflected on his CBB experience while on This Morning and revealed it was a one time only thing.

"I'm glad I did it, it was fun," he said, before quickly adding: "But I won't be doing it again..."

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