CBB: Lewis Bloor draws attention to his penis again: "It's a hazard!"

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CBB: Lewis Bloor has drawn attention to his penis once again after suffering a slight morning mishap, referring to it as an (ahem) "hazard."

Oh, Lewis!

CBB: Lewis Bloor
19 August

© Channel 5

In a new video shared by Big Brother, Lewis is seen discussing his manhood with house girlfriend Marnie Simpson and it appears to be causing him a bit of a problem.

He tells her: "It just doesn't go down... it doesn't go down. It's annoying. It's like a hazard."

Marnie laughs and replies: "It's a health and safety hazard," prompting Lewis to cheekily say: "Someone has got to take care of it."

CBB: Lewis Bloor
19 August

© Channel 5

He may have to wait for a little while longer, though, as Lewis has already appeared to rule out having sex while in the CBB house. He may have already kissed Marnie and showered with her, and the pair have already seen each other naked (and so have we - much to their embarrassment when Sophie Kasaei let that one slip!), but they haven't yet done the deed.

And while Lewis has suggested Marnie is open to doing so, he isn't so keen.

He wants to hold out until they're away from prying eyes (and cameras), to prove he respects Marnie. Lewis explained: "It's a compliment to me. It's doing her head in, mate.

"She's beating herself up about it, struggling and you can't blame her. Anyone in here, three or four weeks with someone they love is difficult, man... The next week is the challenge. I need to get through and let her know I respect her."

CBB: Marnie and Lewis share a kiss
18 August 2016

© Channel 5

Marnie and Lewis got together early on in the series. Their romance has come into question, however, and been branded a 'showmance' after it emerged they both have the same agent, but Sophie, during her brief visit to the house, has denied this.

She told the rest of the house that Marnie and Lewis are real and genuine.

"For everybody saying this is a showmance, can I tell you something?" She said. "[Marnie] isn't a liar or an actress. This is real. Whatever is going on between them, please just let them be as they're having a good time. Don't get involved because she's happy and that's all that matters."

Lewis has since seemed to prove just how serious he really is about Marnie, telling his mum that he thinks she could be The One!

His mum surprised him in the house, as part of the latest shopping task, and he told her: "[Me and Marnie] have so much fun and giggle and laugh all day. I feel really sorry for everyone else. We must be irritating them... You said you wanted me to find someone who loves me for who I am. I think she's The One."

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