CBB's Marnie Simpson: 'Lewis Bloor has an exceptionally large penis - but that's not why I like him!'

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Celebrity Big Brother's Marnie Simpson wants everyone to know she's not with Lewis Bloor because of his "exceptionally large" penis size.

Fair enough.

CBB Day 21: Marnie talks about Lewis
18 August 2016

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Marnie in the Diary Room.

CBB Episode 11: Lewis walks around naked
10 August 2016

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Lewis hasn't been shy about getting naked.

Lewis' penis is a hot topic in tonight's show after Marnie's cousin Sophie Kasaei makes a surprise appearance during the shopping task and comments on the size of Lewis' manhood.

Slightly awkward way to start your very first conversation with your cousin's new boyfriend! And a conversation on TV as well!

CBB Day 21: Marnie and Sophie
18 August 2016

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Sophie surprises Marnie tonight.

Marnie later tells Big Brother in the Diary Room: "Lewis does have an exceptionally large penis, but that is not the reason why I'm with him! "

On a more serious note, Sophie's appearance makes Marnie reconsider some things in the house, mostly who she can trust and who she can't after Sophie makes reference to Marnie not having many allies among the housemates.

"Sophie said a few things, 'That I know she doesn't have many friends in here'…I thought I got on with everyone in here, that was a red alarm…maybe they're not really my friends…I've noticed Renee and Aubrey they always give us negative advice on Lewis."

CBB: Marnie and Renee talk about Lewis
17 August 2016

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Marnie was advised to be wary by Renee and Aubrey.

Earlier in the day, Aubrey and Renee had both advised Marnie she shouldn't let Lewis overshadow her, suggesting he talked about himself all the time and she had to be careful not to "let her light lessen" around him.

Marnie and Lewis also get told by Bear, supposedly their closest friend in the house, that he doesn't believe their romance will survive six months down the line.

Fancy a preview of Sophie's appearance? Watch below!

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