Ex On The Beach: Jem Lucy confesses to having sex with Scotty T to spite her ex David Hawley

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Ex On The Beach: Jem Lucy confesses she has had sex with Geordie Shore's Scotty T to her ex-boyfriend David Hawley.

Fans of Ex On The Beach will know that Jem and Hawley's split hasn't exactly been amicable. She broke down in tears when she saw him emerge out of the sea, and unsure that she could be around him, Jem cried: "I can't do this."

The pair, however, do get a chance to clear the air and Jem reveals that there is something she is holding onto that Hawley needs to know if they are to move forward.

EOTB: Jem Lucy makes a confession about Scotty T to ex David Hawley
17 August


EOTB: Jem Lucy makes a confession about Scotty T to ex David Hawley
17 August


A new video shared by MTV shows Jem confessing to getting together with Hawley's friend Scott.

She admits she is "absolutely dreading" telling him about the hook up, but plucking up the courage during their one-on-one date, Jem reveals: "You have done a lot of things to hurt me and spite me, and unfortunately, I did something as well. I'm only telling you because I'm hoping that you can deal with it. It's pretty bad... I'm f**king shaking right now. I did get with Scott. If I could change it, I would.:

Hawley's response? "F**king hell man. F**k me."

Hoping that her ex won't dwell on her confession, Jem then tells him: "I feel like now we're trying to leave the past behind and draw a line no matter what the future holds. That has to be under that line."

He simply says: "Gutted, ain't I."

Opening up to the camera, Hawley questions his next move with Jem. He says: "I feel pretty sh*t. It makes us feel hurt to be fair, I feel betrayed. Where do I move on here? What do I do now?"

"I really felt that me and Hawley were getting on a path to fixing things," Jem admits. "But this might have f**ked it now."

EOTB: Jem Lucy makes a confession about Scotty T to ex David Hawley
17 August


That's not the only drama the pair have to deal with, as Hawley majorly clashes with Jem and Gaz Beadle after learning that the pair slept together on their first night in the villa.

It comes out that he and Gaz have been friends for ten years, and things get heated as Hawley accuses Gaz of having "no morals", while Gaz brands him a "hypocrite."

Gary claims Hawley has "no leg to stand on" confronting him about Jem, accusing his co-star of previously having sex with an ex of his.


Ex On The Beach continues Tuesday 23 August at 10pm on MTV.

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