CBB: Stephen Bear predicts there will be "no more arguing" in the house

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CBB: Stephen Bear has predicted that there will be "no more arguing" in the house now the series is coming to a close - so does that mean his pranking days are over?

Bear and his wind up ways have been the stem of many arguments this series, but the Ex On The Beach star has now said he doesn't think there will be any more drama going forward.

Is that him officially resigning?!

Stephen Bear, Celebrity Big Brother
17 August

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In a new video shared by Big Brother, Bear is discussing the "tension-free" atmosphere in the house, and predicts it will stay that way until the CBB final.

He told her: "I can't see any more arguments going on anymore. Nothing. There is no tension. There's no weirdness. I think we are just so close to the end, everyone is just normal with each other now."

Renee agreed and replied: "We've outlived all the bullsh*t. It's a good feeling."

"It's a different feeling for me," Bear said in response. "Better, though, than f**king rowing all the time. It gets on my nerves."

Pleased to hear it, Renee added: "Good. I'm glad you said it was better."

Can it really last?!

Renee Graziano, Celebrity Big Brother
17 August

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Bear and Renee haven't exactly always seen eye-to-eye in the house, and after a huge fallout between the pair, Bear had been warned by Big Brother for "goading" his housemates and not respecting their boundaries.

He and recently-evicted Heavy D had pushed Renee's buttons when they accused her of never washing up. Big Brother had tried to diffuse the situation by calling Bear to the Diary Room. They told him: "Big Brother has to speak to you about respecting your housemates' boundaries and goading your fellow housemates. Big Brother suggests you leave Renee in peace for a while and once again, there comes a point where you go beyond and it becomes goading."

Renee, meanwhile, broke down to Aubrey O'Day and vented about Bear: "I'm being attacked every day! Whoever raised him didn't raise him properly because my son would never behave like that or disrespect a mother or a woman."

The pair did, however, later call a truce - hence the now tension free house.

Bear, who is eternally nominated, currently faces the public vote alongside four of his housemates: Sam Fox, Lewis Bloor, Ricky Norwood and James Whale.

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