CBB's Marnie "panics" viewers have seen her naked, while Lewis says: "I do star jumps and feel it flopping about"

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Celebrity Big Brother couple Marnie Simpson and Lewis Bloor have started to worried about whether viewers have seen them totally naked…

Geordie Shore star Marnie hasn't been shy in the house when it comes to flashing the flesh, doing a full-frontal dash from the shower, trying to visit the bathroom totally naked, and showing off a boob during a boozy night in the garden.

CBB: Marnie panics that the viewers have seen her naked
18 August 2016

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Marnie is starting to worry...

Lewis, meanwhile, has given everyone a full-frontal view in the shower, paraded naked in the bedroom with just Marnie's unicorn slipper on his manhood, and proudly displayed his testicles to Renee Graziano in the bedroom at the encouragement of Manrie.

Are they regretting it now?

CBB Episode 11: Lewis walks around naked
10 August 2016

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Lewis went naked in the bedroom with just a slipper over his manhood.

CBB: Marnie encourages Lewis to show Renee his testicles
15 August 2016

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Lewis also displayed his testicles to Renee.

Lewnie's panic comes after Marnie's cousin Sophie Kasaei entered the CBB house as part of the latest shopping task and made a comment about Lewis' penis.

"I got so nervous the first thing I talked about was Lewis' willy," said Sophie on CBB BOTS.

CBB: Marnie and Lewis shower together naked
August 2016

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Marnie flashed it all in the shower.

Hence Marnie and Lewis now wondering what has been aired…

"I wonder if it's my actual c*ck or if it's just in my pants," questioned Lewis. "I do star jumps and see it flopping about. A lot of the times I'm just grabbing it, not necessarily walking around… come on, they're not going to show my bare raw c*ck."

"Yeah they would!" said Manrie. "That's what's worrying me."

Lewis Bloor covers Marnies naked body with a duvet on 'Celebrity Big Brother: Live'. Broadcast on Channel 5HD

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Marnie tried to dash to the bathroom naked.

Marnie went on to say: "I've been walking around naked. I'm panicking. If they're showing your d*ck they'll definitely show my t*ts. What about what I'm [in the bathroom] alone getting naked?"

"Of course they'll show that," said Lewis.

Perhaps we'll see less nudity now…

Fancy a preview of Sophie's appearance tonight? Watch below!

CBB continues 9pm on Channel 5.