Ex On The Beach's Lillie Lexie Gregg reveals she and Gaz Beadle "never dealt" with their split

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Lillie Lexie Gregg has revealed she wanted to reunite with ex-boyfriend Gaz Beadle on Ex On The Beach because the pair "never really dealt" with their split.

She and Geordie Shore's Gaz had dated for nearly two years, and Lillie recently admitted their relationship was the first time she has 'properly fallen in love.' Things didn't work out for the pair, though, and they split in November last year.

At first, their break up had seemed amicable, but things later appeared to be strained between Gaz and Lillie. Fans will see the exes have an emotional reunion on Ex On The Beach's fifth series and Lillie admits it was an "amazing opportunity" for both herself and Gary to get closure.

Lillie Lexie Gregg and Gary Beadle
19 October

© Instagram / @lillielexie

MTV have already teased Lillie's arrival and Gaz has been seen in tears while speaking to her on the beach.

Speaking to The Mirror, Lillie admits their break up escalated thanks to other people getting involved on social media and in the press - especially as she and Gary never really spoke.

She said: "I don't think either of us really dealt with our break up. That's why I wanted to do Ex On The Beach, so we could iron everything out."

"After we broke up, there were so many rumours flying around," she explained. "He said some things to the press which he shouldn't have. Then other people in the public eye got involved and said some nasty things. If we had just spoken to each other, then I don't think it would have been so bad.

"The show gave us an amazing opportunity to have a conversation which we should have had a long time ago."

Lillie Lexie Gregg reunites with Gaz Beadle, Ex On The Beach 5
9 August


While they were together, Gaz had seemed smitten with Lillie. So much so, that he had even claimed that she was 'The One.'

However, he was later seen branding her 'embarrassing' on social media after she signed to a celebrity management agency, and appeared to take several swipes at his ex online when it came to her new found fame.

He had been romantically linked to his former co-star Charlotte Crosby and she had accused Lillie of being 'fame-hungry.'

Lillie initially stayed silent on Charlotte and Gaz rekindling things, but she did bite back to that remark. She said: "Maybe you should respect I fell in love with a boy that was in the media eye... I kept it quiet for 6 months... As I didn't want the world knowing about my relationship but I had no choice.

"Unfortunately we broke up and I am the one that has acted like a grown up by not tweeting / selling a story / or speaking publicly about our separation. The fact I haven't reacted to all the CHAZ remarks and nasty comments put my way is because I have some self respect and dignity and don't need to be nasty or lower myself to them / people."

Gary Beadle and girlfriend Lillie Lexie Gregg at the fireworks
5 November

© Instagram / @lilliegregg

Gary and Lillie pictured back in November before their split.

Since then, Gary has said that he wanted to get closure from his relationship with Lillie.

Opening up about his reasons for signing up for Ex On The Beach a second time, Gaz confessed: "My reason for going back on Ex On The Beach is probably to sort things out with Lillie. We didn't really have a closure and we didn't really have a chance to speak.

"It will be nice to see her again, actually get closure and then move on to the next chapter in our lives."

Lillie's latest comments, meanwhile, come after she recently revealed that Gary had split with her because of his commitments to Geordie Shore. She explained that Charlotte wasn't involved in their break up (although it was "upsetting" to later see the pair together), Gary had to make a decision between Lillie or staying on Geordie Shore.

"We broke up because Gary was given a choice between Geordie Shore and me. He couldn't have carried on the show with a long-term girlfriend," Lillie told Daily Star. "The break up did come as a big shock... He chose his career over me and I get that."

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