CBB: Marnie Simpson's cousin Sophie Kasaei said she wouldn't mind Lewis Bloor being evicted

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Geordie Shore's Sophie Kasaei has admitted it wouldn't be the worst thing if Lewis Bloor was evicted from Celebrity Big Brother.

The reason? Not because Sophie doesn't like Lewis (because she does!) but because it would allow his girlfriend Marnie Simpson to show her personality more.

CBB: Sophie Kasaei appears on Bit On The Side
17 August 2016

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Sophie has a valid reason for Lewis leaving.

Reality star Sophie, who is Marnie's cousin, appeared on Celebrity Big Brother's Bit On The Side on Wednesday night, just after we learned that Lewis, Bear, Sam Fox, Ricky Norwood and James Whale will face the public vote ahead of Friday evening's double eviction.

Reacting to Lewis' nomination, Sophie said: "They want rid of that little group. They keep saying they feel awkward with Marnie and Lewis and all that. I think if Lewis went I would like to see more of Marnie on her own. She is blood to me, a beautiful girl, she has a good heart and I'm so glad she's been standing her ground. Even though I love Lewis and like them together, I would like to see Marnie alone."

As for how Marnie's family feels about her romance with Lewis, Sophie admitted: "We just keep watching and watching! I wish she had her guard up but she's let it down. I'm worried in case she gets hurt.

"Lewis is a lovely lad and treating her nice, but she's been hurt so many time in the past."

CBB: James Jordan appears on Bit On The Side
17 August 2016

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James is NOT a Lewis fan.

However, fellow CBBBOTS panelist James Jordan disagreed with her assessment of Lewis, saying he thinks Lewis is the "most vicious person" in the house.

"He's worse than Bear!" opined James. "Lewis showed his true colours when he stood up to Heavy D. That was actually bang out of order. I think he's a vicious person. I don't believe a word that comes out of his mouth. I think he has other agendas and he's the biggest game player in the house and I don't like him."

We'll see Sophie entering the CBB house on Thursday night as part of the latest shopping task which challenges the housemates to complete simple tasks while not getting distracted by familiar faces.

Fancy a preview of Sophie's appearance? Watch below!

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