Ex On The Beach: Jem Lucy admits she is friends with Lillie after sleeping with her ex Gaz Beadle

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Ex On The Beach: Jem Lucy has admitted she is friends with Gaz Beadle's ex Lillie Lexie Gregg, after sleeping with him on the show.

Last night (16 August), Ex On The Beach returned to our screens and fans saw Gaz and Jem do the deed, after spending the night together in the penthouse. While Gaz admits he "kind of regrets" bedding Jem, she has been full of praise when it comes to her co-star's abilities in the bedroom.

Although, awkwardly, she has revealed she is friends with Gaz's ex-girlfriend Lillie. Quizzed about how she thinks Lillie will react, Jem says: "She's just going to have to deal with it."

Ex On The Beach 5: Jem Lucy discusses Gaz Beadle's ex Lillie Lexie Gregg
17 August


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In a deleted scene from Ex On The Beach 5's first episode, Jem is discussing her night with Gary with her pal Olivia Walsh.

She says: "I just think [Gaz] is the soundest guy. I didn't expect him to be so sound. I have met him before and I do know him, but I don't know him well. He's so sweet and nice... I wasn't expecting to have as good sex as I did."

When Olivia then pointed out that Jem knows his ex-girlfriend of nearly two years Lillie, she admits the girls are friends. Jem replies: "I do know Lillie, this is the thing, in a different situation I might have thought, 'I shouldn't really go there,' but who's to say she's not going to come in and get with my ex? I know there's no guarantee and also, I only know her again from going out. Twice I've met her."

Jem then adds that she and Lillie aren't that close. "My friendship with Gaz's ex Lillie isn't really a friendship. I've just seen her from going out. I do like her and I think she's really nice," she says, but addressing Olivia she then claims: "If you're ex came in, I wouldn't f**king go near him with a barge pole, it's different with her.

"Sorry babes, she's just going to have to deal with it. Don't come here if you don't want to see that sh*t, it's going to happen."

Ex On The Beach 5: Jem Lucy discusses Gaz Beadle's ex Lillie Lexie Gregg
17 August


Fans already know that Lillie is set to reunite with Gary this series. She will rock up as one of his exes on the show and a series teaser has shown Gary in tears as he has an emotional heart-to-heart with Lillie.

He tells her: "You made me realise that there is more to life than doing what I was just doing."

Lillie and Gary split in November last year, with Lillie recently revealing Gary had chosen his career on Geordie Shore over her. He then went on to pick up his on/off romance with former co-star Charlotte Crosby and making his comeback to Ex On The Beach, Gaz revealed he was there to "test" himself.

He said returning to the show was the best way to work out whether he wanted to commit to Charlotte and start a relationship with her.

"If I get feelings for somebody in that villa, I know that me and Charlotte are not meant to be," he explained. "There's a lot of fit girls that are going to be here... this is going to be hard."

Ex On The Beach continues Tuesday 23 August at 10pm on MTV.

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