Ex On The Beach: Jess Impiazzi threatens to walk after the arrival of Kayleigh Morris

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Ex On The Beach: Jess Impiazzi had threatened to walk after she was reunited with her ex-friend Kayleigh Morris on the show.

Last night (16 August), Ex On The Beach returned with its all star series and fans saw Jess break down in tears at the arrival of the first ex, Kayleigh.

Fans later learned that she and Jess had been close pals in the past, but they fell out after Jess claims Kayleigh 'stabbed her in the back.'

Ex On The Beach 5: Jess Impiazzi gets upset over Kayleigh Morris
17 August


She was NOT impressed to see Kayleigh walk out of the sea, with Jess telling the camera: "Kayleigh coming here is going to massive change the villa, because I don't think I'm going to stay here much longer."

When Kayleigh arrived at the beach, it was clear Chloe and Jess were not fans of her. Chloe explained that Kayleigh had been with her exes (Kayleigh claimed she could only think of one), while Jess revealed: "She got quite rude to me."

Kayleigh hit back: "Because you think everything is about you."

Ex On The Beach 5: Jess Impiazzi gets upset over Kayleigh Morris
17 August


"Kayleigh you're deluded," Jess responded. "The things you f**king write, you're spiteful. It's not ok the way you talk to people, Kayleigh. You started calling me a psycho..."

When Bear asked Jess what Kayleigh had done to upset her much, she explained: "What Kayleigh did was go up to an ex of mine, who you knew really f**king hurt me, and you decided to f**king go and say sh*t about me."

She then told the camera: "I told her things when I thought she was my friend that were sacred about my past, and I had a bit of a sh*tty upbringing. She completely betrayed my trust and basically backstabbed me."

Ex On The Beach 5: Jess Impiazzi gets upset over Kayleigh Morris
17 August


Back at the villa, Jess told her housemates she was thinking of going home.

"The first thing I noticed was that Jess has been crying," Olivia Walsh said. "That's how I know sh*t has gone down."

The girls then filled in the others on their showdown with Kayleigh and let slip that she had insulted Jem at the beach, calling her a 'confetti condom gone wrong', which ultimately led to Jem and Kayleigh coming to blows.

Jess, meanwhile, made sure to stay as far way as possible from Kayleigh. She decided to stay, but she and Chloe packed up their things and moved into the penthouse.

"All the girls have my back in the villa, and I know they'll look out for me," Jess said. "But I still don't want to be a part of this situation."

Will she be able to live alongside Kayleigh?

Ex On The Beach continues Tuesday 23 August at 10pm on MTV.

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