CBB: Aubrey gets revenge on James by picking him during face to face nominations

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We've just had one Celebrity Big Brother eviction and we're already getting excited about the next one after finding out there is a double twist!

First, the housemates have to nominate face to face (always majorly awkward!) and then TWO of them will be heading home on Friday night (19 August) in the first double eviction of the series.


CBB BOTS: Emma Willis talks about upcoming double eviction
16 August 2016

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Emma revealed the double eviction twist last night.

Emma let slip the double eviction twist at the end of Tuesday's episode (16 August), where Heavy D went home, and then revealed on Big Brother's Bit On The Side that the housemates were nominating face to face as she spoke.

She said: "I think Lewis will be up again and Marnie probably. In that whole group it's only Bear, Lewis and Marnie left. Bear is already up [as he has eternal nomination]. All that group of the 'nice, quiet ones' as they are possibly considered, are they all going to turn on Lewis? Because they have to do it face to face they have to come up with valid reasons."

CBB BOTS: Housemates told to nominate face to face
16 August 2016

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The housemates are told to nominate face to face.

We got a teaser of the nominations later in the show, when an exclusive clip was played showing Aubrey making her choices. Unsurprsingly she first went for James, who had picked her during the last nominations, which had been aired to the house.

Aubrey told him: "James, for obvious reasons. Most importantly I think you're a very strong competitor. I think the audience will protect you and have your back and I really respect the time I've spent with you. I'm nominating you for obvious reasons as we have had a little bit of inconsistency with the actions versus the words and I'm having a hard time knowing if you're sincere with me."

CBB BOTS: Aubrey nominates James for eviction
16 August 2016

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Aubrey nominates James.

Her second choice was Lewis Bloor .

"The past couple of nights have been really crazy," she told him. "Sometimes when you get riled you act outside of yourself and that's the only reason I could come up with because I think you're a great guy and you've been great to me in this house and it's nothing personal."

We'll find out tonight which housemates face eviction.

CBB continues at 9pm on Channel 5.