Oops! CBB's Heavy D calls Emma Willis by the name Kate after his eviction!

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Emma Willis has revealed what we DIDN'T see on Celebrity Big Brother last night: Heavy D got her name completely wrong!

We all know Storage Hunters star Heavy D - real name Colin - isn't the best when it comes to remembering names, having called housemate Aubrey O'Day 'Amber' and struggling with how to pronounce Saira Khan's name.

So perhaps it's no surprise he got Emma's wrong as well!

CBB: Emma Willis interviews Heavy D after his eviction
16 August 2016

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Emma interviewing Heavy D.

Appearing on Big Brother's Bit On The Side after Heavy D's eviction, Emma revealed: "They were changing his mic [after he left the house] and I said, 'Are you alright, Heavy?' He went, 'Yeah, are you alright, Kate?' I went, 'Emma!' and he went, 'Oh, oh, yeah [and laughed].

"Then he went, 'Nice to meet you.' I said, 'I met you in the way in!'" continued Kate Emma. "He went, 'Oh, yeah [and laughed]!' So when he forgot Aubrey and Saira's names, I do think it's quite genuine! I don't expect him to know me but I would hope seeing he's on Big Brother he might have an inkling who I am!"

(Heavy also got Rylan Clark-Neal's name wrong on CBBBOTS, calling him Ryan!)

As for whether she was surprised Heavy D had left, Emma said: "No, I'm not surprised. We have seen him become quite antagonistic again this week. He says it's just about fun. I'm like, your fun is someone else's nightmare."

Emma also joked the house would get a good night's sleep now Heavy is gone!

Heavy was evicted after losing the public vote to Bear, Renee Graziano and Lewis Bloor. During his exit chat with Emma, he defended his behaviour in the house, saying: "It's tongue in cheek, they take themselves too seriously, it's all egos in there."

He added: "It was a shock [to be evicted]. I just thought, I'm a laugh and the public would like that. I was confident I would win. Maybe they thought I went too far with the wind ups I thought the public would like a bit of the Boominator."

CBB continues at 9pm on Channel 5.