Ex On The Beach's Lillie Lexie Gregg admits she's "a little bit scared" of Jem Lucy

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Ex On The Beach's Lillie Lexie Gregg has admitted she is a "little bit scared" of her co-star Jem Lucy.

Yup, Lillie was hoping not to get on the wrong side of Jem, but she didn't have a choice thanks to Jordan Davies...

Jem Lucy, Ex On The Beach
9 May

© Snapchat / jemlucy88

Lillie Lexie Gregg selfie, Instagram
April 2016

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You see the pair were playing a game that saw them un-follow some of their Ex On The Beach co-stars on Twitter for a Facebook Live chat with The Sun.

They had to pick a card to reveal who they would be un-following, and then Jordan and Lillie had to tweet that person to explain their reasons for doing so.

While Lillie picked Jem, Jordan was given the power to decided on her reasons for un-following and, of course, they had everything to do with Lillie's ex-boyfriend Gaz Beadle. Lilie and Gaz split in November last year, after nearly two years of dating, and fans will see them reunite on Ex On The Beach's fifth series.

That is, after they watch Gaz bed Jemma on their first night in the villa.

Jordan, deciding his tweet, joked that Lillie was un-following Jem because she had slept with Gaz... and Lillie 'wished' it had have been her. Lillie seemed to object and told Jordan he couldn't post that, so he settled for this instead: "@jem_lucy I'm unfollowing you because you've slept with Gaz and I can't get over it..."

Lillie then said: "I hope Jem knows it's a joke... because I'm a little bit scared of her."

Jem Lucy and Lillie Lexie Gregg tweets
16 August

© Twitter / @JemLucy/@LillieGregg

Jem, however, had no idea and appeared to bit back at Lillie.

She tweeted in response: "Ok babe well u might need to get un-following about 2000 other girls as well then." Ooo, awkward!

Luckily, though, she later found out Lillie's tweet was all in jest. Lillie tweeted: "Sorry Girls... My Twitter was taken over @Kmorrisx @jem_lucy @oliviachristina ...it's all loveeee."

Jordan also revealed that his Twitter account had been taken over (he had un-followed Jem too for the game) and Jem replied: "Hahaha I had a feeling!!!"

Ex On The Beach returns tonight Tuesday 16 August at 10pm on MTV.

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