CBB's Aubrey takes a swipe at Heavy D's career after he calls her AMBER!

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Celebrity Big Brother's Aubrey O'Day is NOT happy with Heavy D for getting her name wrong.

You would think after more than two weeks living together Heavy would probably have learned his housemates' names…

Er, apparently not!

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In scenes to air tonight he uses the name 'Amber' when chatting to Aubrey. Um, Amber? We get maybe calling her Audrey by mistake but Amber doesn't even sound remotely the same!

Aubrey is NOT amused, snapping back: "You should learn the names of people that have careers bigger than you!"


We already knew Heavy isn't the best with names after he repeatedly got Saira Khan's name wrong when she was in the house.

Meanwhile, Heavy seems pretty confident he won't be going home in tonight's eviction, telling Big Brother in the Diary Room: "I'm very confident! I'm here to win it! I want to win this!"

He faces Lewis Bloor, Renee Graziano and Bear in the public vote.