Lillie Lexie Gregg un-follows ex Stephen Bear but won't tweet why as split is still "raw"

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Lillie Lexie Gregg has un-followed her ex-boyfriend Stephen Bear on Twitter, and admitted it is quite a "final thing" to do after their recent split.

Fans of the couple have seen their relationship break down in the last couple weeks, after Bear publicly moved on from Lillie with Chloe Khan while in the CBB house.

Lillie has since said there is "no going back" for herself and Bear and proving she is really done with her ex, she has now un-followed him on Twitter.

Lillie Lexie Gregg attending the Amy Childs Spring Summer 2016 Fashion Showcase on June 6, 2016 in London, England.

© Snapchat / @lillielexie

It was all, of course, part of Ex On The Beach's new campaign to stop us all from stalking our exes on social media. Lillie had joined her co-star Jordan Davies for a Facebook Live chat with The Sun and they took part in a game that involved un-following the EOTB cast.

They each had to pick up a card and it had the name of one of their co-stars on it. On Lillie's last go, she ended up choosing Bear's name.

Jordan was then given the power to unfollow Bear and tweet her ex a reason - however, Lillie put her foot down when it came to publicly posting an explanation.

Jordan had started: "Stephen Bear, I am un-following and blocking you because..." But Lillie interjected: "Bear in mind this is quite a raw, emotional... I don't know if we can make a joke out of this."

She then asked: "Do we even have to tweet? Can we not just unfollow?"

Jordan seemed to agree, sympathising with Lillie. He told her: "You've had enough stress."

Lillie and Bear had been dating when he entered the CBB house earlier this month. Bear had initially kept fairly quiet on their relationship, but fans saw him claim that Lillie is not 'the one' for him anymore, after kissing Chloe as part of a drinking game dare.

He had dared Chloe to 'snog him for ten seconds.'

Stephen Bear and Chloe Khan in CBB
10 August 2016

© Channel 5 / Supplied by WENN

Bear told his housemates he wanted to be single, and that he 'doesn't have time for a girlfriend.' He then continued to pursue things with Chloe, and she and Bear had fans divided over their steamy antics - which included showering together and getting intimate in the toilet.

Both Chloe and Bear, however, have denied they have had sex.

Lillie, meanwhile, has admitted she feels "humiliated" by Bear and his actions in the house. She opened up about her ex in an interview with OK! and said: "The Bear I'm watching on the television is unrecognisable as my boyfriend. It never even entered my head that I couldn't trust him... his behaviour is cruel."

She has also hit out at Chloe for continuing a romance with Bear, after finding out he had a relationship on the outside.

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