CBB's Lewis Bloor warns he'll walk away from Bear... but is it a game plan ahead of eviction night?

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Celebrity Big Brother's Lewis Bloor has reached breaking point when it comes to Stephen Bear's antics… but some viewers have questioned whether it's a last-ditch attempt to secure votes ahead of tonight's eviction.

Lewis has been Bear's biggest ally in the house and so far Bear's controversial behaviour hasn't annoyed him the way it has other housemates. In fact, they've been frustrated with Lewis NOT stepping in to stop Bear.

CBB: Marnie and Lewis in the Diary Room
15 August 2016

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When nominations were beamed into the house on Sunday, Lewis found himself up for eviction after FIVE housemates chose him on the basis of his friendship with Bear, accusing him of encouraging Bear's behaviour and not condoning it.

They couldn't nominate Bear as he's already eternally nominated.

But Lewis lost his cool on Monday night (15 August) when Bear's latest prank involved defacing a year book the housemates were given in their school task, which had included pictures of Lewis and Marnie Simpson's love story.

CBB: Bear in the garden as Marnie and Lewis in the Diary Room
15 August 2016

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CBB: Bear defaces School of Big Brother Year Book
15 August 2016

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Bear wrote all over the year book.

Storming off to the Diary Room, an outraged Lewis said: "Not only does [Bear] piss everyone off, he's starting to piss his friends off a little bit. I love him and stand by him but my main priority in the house is Marnie.

"That was a lovely f**king thing for us to have and he destroyed it because he has nothing better to do. It's getting on my nerves. I'm starting to see where the line has been crossed."

Lewis went on to say: "When they give us a book of nice pictures and compliments it's something to be respected for the group. That's anarchy. That ain't intelligent. His actions will mark his future.

"If he wants to turn on someone who has been ruthlessly loyal and promised to go down with the ship with him, if he wants to put his actions against my words, then luckily enough he's not my best friend in the house, Marnie is, and as long as she stands by me I'll have no problem walking away from him."

Reaction to Lewis' powerful statement on Twitter was mixed, with some viewers - including TOWIE's Chris Clark and ex-CBB star James Jordan - suggesting it was a clever game plan.

Lewis faces Bear, Renee and Heavy D.