TOWIE: Debbie tells James Arg Argent she's "disappointed" he hasn't been in touch

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TOWIE: Lydia Bright's mum Debbie has told her ex-boyfriend James Arg Argent that she is "disappointed" with him for not getting in touch with her following his split with Lydia.

Fans will know that Debbie and Arg have always had a close relationship, but after his seven year romance with Lydia ended earlier this year, Arg has taken a step back from her and her family.

That hasn't sat well with Debbie, though, and speaking to Arg for the first time since his split with Lydia, she asked him why he never reached out and got in touch with her.

TOWIE: Debbie Douglas and James Arg Argent speak for first time since Lydia Bright split
14 August


TOWIE: Debbie Douglas and James Arg Argent speak for first time since Lydia Bright split
14 August


Arg admitted that despite being in the same place and having seen each other, he and Debbie "haven't had much of a conversation."

She told him: "I was disappointed that you didn't say, 'How are you Deb? Are you ok?' I did feel upset about that because I've always been there for you."

Trying to explain why he chose not to approach Debbie, Arg pointed out that Lydia had told him to stay away.

He said: " I think it's because Lydia made it crystal clear to me to stay away from her family and it would have been a case of Lydia going, 'He's trying to worm his way back in with my family.'"

Debbie said she "respected" Arg for that and he continued: "I'm sorry for some of the things you've had to go through, not just Lydia but as a family and I miss you all. You know I love you dearly, don't you?"

Their conversation ended with Debbie giving Arg some advice. She told him: "I get really sad how it's ended. We've done our bit now and it makes me sad, very sad, that you still haven't got that belief in yourself James. You need to find it and move on and make yourself a better person."

TOWIE: Debbie Douglas and James Arg Argent speak for first time since Lydia Bright split
14 August


Lydia and Arg split shortly after TOWIE's seventeeth series wrapped up back in April, with Lydia later revealing she felt like she had "no choice" but to end their relationship.

The pair haven't gone into the details about the reasons behind their split, but there had been allegations that Arg's partying had got out of hand again.

Viewers saw Lydia and Arg come face-to-face for the first time after their break up in Palma, Majorca. Lydia had been brutally honest with her ex and told Arg hat she "didn't want to know him anymore."

Lydia had said: "I just think moving on from now I deeply don't want us to ever be friends. You're not the kind of person I want to be in my life. My life is my life now, and I'm getting on with it, we'll keep it that we're strangers. We will just walk past each other and that's how I would like it. I don't want to know you anymore."

TOWIE Series 18, Episode 1: Lydia and Arg talk on the beach
17 July 2016


She later defended her words, after receiving a backlash that she was "too harsh" on Arg, and Lydia explained: "Everything I said was completely from the heart and what I wanted to say at the time. James and I hadn't had any conversations for the whole three months since our split.

That was the first time we were face to face and I had no choice but to address what had happened. I had blocked it out for so long... It was difficult and I'm glad it's done because for me now it means closure."

"I had to be quite brutal but that's the only way I could play it – it was all from the heart," she insisted. "For me there is no going back."

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