TOWIE's Chloe Lewis brings up the Megan McKenna-Jake Hall rumour again: "I feel like I'm on my own"

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TOWIE's Chloe Lewis has brought up her feud with Megan McKenna again, saying she's still annoyed Megan has slotted into the friendship group so easily after everything that's happened.

On Sunday night's episode (14 August), Chloe told Lydia Bright she still believes Megan DID sleep with her now-ex-boyfriend Jake Hall, despite Megan and Jake's repeated denials anything has ever happened between them.

TOWIE: Chloe Lewis talks about Megan McKenna
14 August 216


While attending Gatsby's pool party, Chloe said: "I'm enjoying [the party] but I just feel a little bit down in myself."

"Everything that's gone on, the whole Megan thing," she explained. "I just feel like when you do something in life you deal with the consequences and I feel like she's done something and not dealt with the consequences. "

Chloe added she's frustrated that Megan's anger at her friends Chloe Meadows and Courtney Green hanging out with Chloe and Lydia has kept everything fresh, saying: "The whole thing with Chloe and Courtney, I feel it's dragged everything on but I get on with Chloe and Courtney so why can't we be friends?"

"It sounds really sad," added Chloe. "But I feel like I'm on my own. I feel awkward anyway when it comes to things like this because I always had someone there for me. All I ever knew was Jake. I'm dealing with enough s**t let alone some girl who has slept with him behind my back."

TOWIE's Megan McKenna is upfront with Chloe Meadows and Courtney Green, 14/8/16


Megan was also at the pool party but she and Chloe avoided each other.

The Megan / Jake / Chloe storyline has been going on since last series when the rumour about Megan and Jake first surfaced. They've denied it but Chloe has never believed them. She's since split from Jake, who hasn't appeared in the latest series of TOWIE yet as he's recovering from an injury sustained on holiday over the summer.

And Megan then fell out with Chloe M and Courtney, accusing them of being bad friends by not defending her when the other girls criticised her.

Lydia told Chloe last night: "You have every single right to be angry and upset with Megan. You were a girl who was in love with a boy for eight years and stood by him through thick and thin. Then someone came along and slept with your boyfriend and then walked into the circle and everything's fine and everybody is fine with her."

TOWIE Series 18, Episode 2
Lydia Bright and Chloe Lewis row with Megan McKenna
20 July 2016


Megan v Chloe in Majorca.

Things have still very tense between Megan and Chloe this series as we saw during the TOWIE special in Majorca when they had a MASSIVE row and failed to resolve their differences. Megan was furious after hearing a new rumour going around that she'd been dirty dancing on holiday with a man who wasn't boyfriend Pete.

Megan later said: "Chloe is still holding onto this rumour that she just needs to drop, because I am bored. I don't know how many times I can say that.

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