CBB: Sam Fox clashes with Lewis Bloor over his friendship with Bear: "You ain't gonna get nowhere"

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CBB: Lewis Bloor and Sam Fox have clashed over his friendship with Stephen Bear.

Bear has been frustrating his housemates with his wind up ways, and he, Lewis, Marnie and Chloe had SIX of their housemates threatening to strike earlier this week, after they had enough of their controversial antics that included boob flashing, cake throwing and steamy showers.

Now, Sam has warned Lewis about being friends with Bear in the house, telling the former TOWIE star it's not 'going to get him anywhere.'

Celebrity Big Brother 2016 summer series: Sam Fox
28 July

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Celebrity Big Brother 2016 summer series: Lewis Bloor
28 July

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This week housemates have been trying to win either personal rewards or rewards for their housemates in Big Brother's latest shopping task.

The house is forced to go head-to-head, with the housemates who picked to play for themselves, going up against those who chose to play for the house in a speed task. Those that picked 'Me' are declared the winners and Big Brother rewards them with tickets to Big Brother's Big Festival and, of course, the losing housemates don't get a look in.

In tonight's episode of CBB (12 August), they are forced to watch as the others enjoy their party in the garden and Sam clashes with Lewis when Bear decides to bang on the window.

She claims that when she and Kate Waissel previously won a task they chose not to rub it in to the others, but Lewis hits back: "Let them enjoy it Sam, shut up, you're so sensitive."

His comment hits a nerve and Sam responds: "Whatever I say about your mate, you're gonna disagree, if you want to keep being his mate you ain't gonna get nowhere."


CBB Episode 11: Housemates threaten to quit over Lewis, Marnie, Chloe and Bear
10 August 2016

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CBB: Bear feels victimised when housemates won't talk to him
10 August 2016

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Sam's spat with Lewis comes after she, Ricky Norwood, James Whale, Frankie Grande, Aubrey O'Day and Katie Waissel recently vowed to ignore Bear.

Upset by his rowdy late night behaviour, along with Lewis, Marnie and Chloe, the group gave him the cold shoulder, prompting Bear to claim he was being "victimised."

He said: "Why has it upset you so much? I don't want to change my ways. I like the power of conversation, the talking, then smoothing it over and carrying on. There is a weird atmosphere. Very strange. A lot of upset people here. Sweep it under the carpet. I feel like I'm being victimised. It's not a nice feeling."

Bear, who has been eternally nominated, is up for eviction tonight along with Chloe, Marnie and James. Although, CBB has announced there will be a LIVE TWIST.

The two housemates with the lowest votes will be taking part in a 'game of chance' that will determine their place in the house.

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