CBB: Lewis Bloor tells Marnie Simpson he "f**king loves her so much" after fallout

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CBB: Lewis Bloor has told Marnie Simpson he "f**king loves her so much" now they have kissed and made up after their fallout.

It had looked like Marnie and Lewis had hit a rocky patch, after she accused him of prioritising the other housemates over her in the house's latest task. Lewis had vowed that he was 'done' with Marnie after she lost her cool, but the couple did manage to clear the air.

So much so, that Lewis has reassured Marnie he does see 'a future' for them, and he dropped in the L-word all over again.

CBB: Lewis and Marnie make up after row
12 August 2016

© Channel 5

It took Lewis just 10 days to tell Marnie he "loves her" and in tonight's episode of CBB, he says: "I see a future for us and it's f**king beautiful. I f**king love you so much, I don't wanna lose you."

Last time he used the L-word, Marnie replied by saying she felt 'exactly the same', but this time round she actually tells Lewis she loves him too.

She replies: "I love you more than I should."

Although, she does add: "Maybe I should put my guard up."

Lewis and Marnie had clashed after he decided to reward the house and not take a personal reward in Big Brother's latest task. She felt that if Lewis had picked a personal reward, he could have had the chance to save her from tonight's eviction.

Rowing with Lewis, she said: "You picked all those people who slagged you off. It makes me feel like you're playing a game. Why would you pick them over a chance to save me? The fact is they don't mean anything to me. They slag me off and say horrible things."

In his defence, Lewis insisted that there was no way he could have saved Marnie from the public vote, as it would have been "too late."

CBB: Marnie and Lewis row over his decision to choose a group reward rather than a personal one
11 August 2016

© Channel 5

CBB: Lewis tells James he's done with Marnie
12 August 2016

© Channel 5

Lewis' decision led to Marnie questioning their relationship. She told some of the housemates: "I feel like you can't really start a serious relationship in this house because it's full of games, misperceptions, miscommunication. I worry about loads of things. I don't even know him. I feel I do know him but in the Big Brother house how can I really know someone in here?"

However, Lewis did apologise to Marnie for making a "bad judgement call."

He said: "I promise you it will take more than that to get rid of me every time. I know I made the wrong decision... I just made a bad judgement call today. I did the wrong thing for the right reasons otherwise it would have been the right thing for the wrong reasons. This experience is to make us solid."

CBB continues tonight on Channel 5 at 9pm.

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