CBB: Bear annoys housemate by cracking a full box of eggs and declares, "Who gives a f**k?"

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CBB: Bear is up to his old tricks again and he has annoyed housemates after cracking open a full box of eggs.

Bear had initially asked the house if they would like him to make some pancakes for them all, but he ends up leaving his housemates annoyed when he then trips over and cracks open an entire box of eggs.

Yup. Bear breaks all the eggs on his fall and blames it on his ankles. He says: "I'm sorry. I'm so sorry. My f**king ankles..."

CBB: Bear pranks the house by breaking eggs
9 August

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"I've made a mess. I've hurt my ankle," he says. "I tried to make some pancakes, do something nice for the house. Me and cooking don't get on. I'm too clumsy."

Turning to Saira, Bear then holds up a broken egg and says: "Saira, shall I try and save this one? It's un-saveable now. A full pack of eggs. I'm so sorry."

The others do their best not to react, with Frankie Grande simply calling Bear a "silly gent."

However, they do start to vent as soon as Bear is out of earshot.

Saira says: "I think it might be the day of testing our patience." She thinks Bear is up to something on behalf of Big Brother and adds: "I generally think there is something going on. He fell over on purpose, after we had that discussion about eggs and wasting food."

Sam, meanwhile, tells Ricky she has "had it" with Bear, after giving him a chance.

In the kitchen, Bear admits he doesn't give "two f**ks". He is eternally nominated and said: "I could be going home tomorrow. It's so false. Everyone is nice this morning, they're thinking, 'Am I next?' I'm up every f**king week, who gives a f**k?"

Stephen Bear and Chloe Khan appear to have sex in the toilet on 'Celebrity Big Brother. Broadcast on Channel 5HD

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Bear's little egg prank comes after he shocked fans by getting intimate with Chloe Khan in the toilet on last night's episode of the show (8 August).

Many had speculated whether Bear and Chloe had sex, but fans will see Bear clarify that they hadn't to Lewis Bloor. He tells Lewis: "Nothing happened, we were just kissing and her boobies are massive!"

Bear, who had been dating Lillie Lexie Gregg prior to his CBB appearance, discussed their relationship earlier in the episode and said he doesn't believe that Lille is 'the one' for him anymore. He told housemates he had thought their romance was forever, but has now realised he wants to be single again.

Reacting on Twitter, Lillie told fans her relationship with Bear is now over for good. She tweeted: "No going back for me, guys. I'm better than that - and yes, I know my worth. Thank you so much for your kind words, you're all lovely."

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