Exclusive: Love Island's Kady McDermott 'pulled up' Scott Thomas' brother Adam Thomas for "jog on" comments

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Love Island's Kady McDermott has revealed she 'pulled up' boyfriend Scott Thomas' twin brother Adam Thomas for trying to warn Scott away from her on the show.

Cast your minds back to when Scott and Kady were living in the Love Island villa, and you'll remember Adam told Scott to tell Kady to "jog on" when he spoke to his twin brother via a video link.

Adam had been wary of Kady's intentions, after seeing her doubt her relationship with Scott following James Khan's arrival and the reaction she had to Tina Stinnes choosing Scott to join her on a date and confining Kady to the hideaway...

Love Island: Scott Thomas gets phone call from home from twin brother Adam
21 June


Adam had encouraged Scott to move on from Kady and pursue Tina instead, telling him: "From the outside looking in, you need to man up. Tell her to jog on. On the outside, she's playing games and treating you like a mug. Get with Tina and then the game could begin bro."

He added: "I just think you need to put her in her place a little bit. Just be careful, tread carefully. I think she's trying to manipulate you. From the outside, we're so proud and we're all rooting for you."

Scott chose to go against his brother's advice and smoothed things over with Kady. The couple got their relationship back on track and finished in third place on the show, with Scott and Kady's romance still going strong now on the outside.

We caught up with the pair recently and when conversation turned to Adam, Kady exclusively told us: "I pulled him up on that."

Scott laughed and said: "He sh*t himself!"

Kady then told us that she isn't holding Adam's comments against him and explained: "I get it because it was his twin. If he didn't have his back, I would have been like, 'What the hell?'"

She did add, though: "He's had a change of heart."

Fans finally saw Adam give Kady his approval when Scott asked Kady to be his girlfriend on the show. Adam tweeted at the time: "Just cried watching that hahaha I am so f**king happy for him !!! Proudest bro right now!! @scottyspecial go on girl @kadymcdermottx (sic)."

Since then, Kady has been spending time with Scott and his family in Manchester, but he revealed she is still yet to meet his big brother and former Coronation Street star Ryan Thomas.

Scott told us: "She's not yet met my big brother yet. I say my brother, she's got to meet my dad Ryan. He's like my dad. He's sound."

We asked Kady if she's nervous about meeting Ryan and she said: "No [i'm not]."

It sounds like meeting her beau's family has been a breeze for her, with Scott adding: "My mum feels like she already knows Kady through the show. Even with her mum, she talks to me on the phone dead casual."

Asked whether that means he and Kady have both been given the seal of approval, Scott said: "100 percent!"

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