CBB's Ricky Norwood fumes: 'Get Bear OUT of the house! He's an ugly human being'

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Ricky Norwood has lost his patience with Celebrity Big Brother housemate Stephen Bear, saying: "Get him OUT!"

Ex On The Beach's Bear has proven himself a bit of a divisive character in his house, with some of his behaviour winding some housemates up.

And it seems ex-EastEnders star Ricky's had enough.

Ricky talks in the diary room about Bear on 'Celebrity Big Brother'. Broadcast on Channel 5HD

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Ricky's had enough of Bear.

In scenes to air on Monday night, he shouts: "Get him out of the house! I am fuming with him! He's an ugly human being, he's been trying to provoke provoke provoke."

So, what's Bear done now?

After last night's coffee-gate (where Bear spoiled the whole house coffee supply), he's now deliberately messing up the latest task. Housemates had a balloon attached to them for the day and had to make it through a certain period of time without bursting their balloon in order to attend a party.

Bear on 'Celebrity Big Brother'. Broadcast on Channel 5HD

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Bear has been divisive in the house.

They were TOLD they couldn't burst each other's balloons but Bear went ahead and popped Katie Waissel's, leaving her in tears. Then, after Marnie Simpson burst Ricky's balloon (as part of a secret task set by Big Brother), Ricky was furious when Bear had to comment on it.

Ricky isn't the only one fed up with Bear. Saira Khan warns him tonight, "If you carry on what you're doing, you're not going to win this", while Renee Graziano has also had enough.

Renee tells him: "I was the only person who had sympathy for you! You mistook by kindness for stupidity. I'm very smart. Now leave me the f**k alone!"

Meanwhile, Frankie Grande says: "It would have been a fun game if Bear wasn't there!"

Ricky may have his wish as Bear is up for the next eviction. He was 'eternally nominated' by his housemates at the weekend, meaning he'll face eviction at every single eviction until he's gone (or in the final!)

He's up against Lewis Bloor, Heavy D and Saira this week.

CBB airs 9pm on Channel 5.