TOWIE: Kate Wright reacts to Jon Clark's claims she has been 'sleeping with his friend'

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TOWIE: Kate Wright has had her say on her fallout with Jon Clark on Twitter, telling fans: "You don't have to insult and disrespect others simply to hold your own ground."

Last night (7 August), fans watched as both Kate and Jon dropped bombshells about each other on the show. Kate had confronted Jon for his tweets to her ex-boyfriend Dan Edgar and rubbing his new single status in her face, before calling Jon a 'snake' and accusing him of trying it on with her.

Jon, meanwhile, denied that was true and called Kate a 'slag', later claiming that Kate is now 'sleeping with his friend.' He told her former flame Dan that he had promised Kate he wouldn't say anything to him, but had decided to come clean.

TOWIE: Jon and Kate argue
7 August 2016


Kate appeared to react to Jon's bombshell on Twitter, posting a telling quote to her followers. It read: "You don't have to insult and disrespect others simply to hold your own ground.

"If you do, that shows how shaky your own position is."

Kate didn't comment on whether there is any truth in Jon's claims, but fans are expecting to hear her side of the story in Wednesday night's episode of the show.

She claims that Jon had tried it on with her and told her co-stars she had the voice notes to prove so. At first, Jon denied it, but later admitted he had sent Kate voice notes after finding them and listening back to them.

He told the boys: "I didn't know I'd done it but I've listened to the voice notes and, yes, I said about a cuddle but I don't remember doing it. It was two and half months ago. Sweet. I'll hold my hands up. But I've never done anything wrong to that girl. All I've done is backed her and kept her secrets for her. But she's made me look like a complete pr*ck and turned Dan against me."

Jon later apologised to Dan about the voice notes and admitted they were "out of order."

He then, however, revealed to Dan: "I have something else I want to tell you as well. She's been sleeping with my mate. She's been begging me not to tell you for months. I've had him on one side, you on the other side, her in the middle. I'm in the middle. I should have told you but I won't lie, I'm not putting myself in that situation. How can I win?"

TOWIE: Jon and Dan argue
7 August 2016


Dan, meanwhile, told Jon that he can no longer trust him or Kate. He said he has been friends with both of them, but they have kept secrets behind his back.

Dan then text his ex-girlfriend, telling Kate he needed to talk things over with her. Their latest drama comes after Dan denied sleeping with another girl, when Kate confronted him about rumours he had.

Kate and Dan split prior to filming for the current series of TOWIE. However, their co-stars aren't ruling out a reunion just yet. Bobby Norris exclusively told Reveal: "I don't think we're writing them off, we can see them having another shot."

Danni Armstrong added: "With Dan and Kate, I think maybe they got together a bit too young, they both need a bit of headspace..."

TOWIE continues Wednesday 10 August at 10pm on ITVBe.

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