CBB's coffee-loving viewers react with HORROR after Bear RUINS the house supply

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Celebrity Big Brother's Bear has MASSIVELY annoyed Frankie Grande by purposefully wasting all the coffee in the house… and got everyone talking on Twitter as a result.

Bear decided to make a gross looking coffee cocktail by pouring all the granules into a bowl, covering it in water, orange juice, apple juice and cereal, and then sticking a pineapple in.

Needless to say the coffee drinkers such as Frankie were NOT impressed...

CBB: Bear and Frankie row over coffee cocktail
August 2016

© Channel 5

CBB: Bear and Frankie row over coffee cocktail
August 2016

© Channel 5

Confronting Bear, a p*ssed off Frankie said: "There are people around this world that are starving and you're f**king wasting food to make a f**king point? Have you lost your mind?"

Well, coffee-loving viewers were TOTALLY on Team Frankie and took to Twitter to share their horror at what just happened and how they'd react if they were in the house...

Not everyone was Team Frankie though, as some viewers thought Bear's gross cocktail was the funniest thing they'd seen and the house would be a poorer place without him.

After Frankie confronted Bear about the cocktail, Bear remained calm and told him: "If you want to play games, I'll play them better. Some one is angry. Angry pussycat."

Frankie fired bck: "Are you calling me pussycat because I'm gay?"

Renee Graziano intervened to say that's not what Bear meant, and then told Bear to stop winding people up. She said he'd got his reaction, now leave it.

Watch the row unfold!

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