CBB: Chloe Khan brands Saira Khan "a snake" after she tells her to stop "playing with people's emotions"

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CBB: Chloe Khan has branded her housemate Saira Khan "a snake", after she hit out at Chloe for upsetting Heavy D by kissing Stephen Bear.

Last night (4 August), viewers watched Chloe and Bear kiss, after he dared her to 'snog him for ten seconds' while the pair were playing a drinking game together. Earlier in the evening, Bear had confessed to fancying Chloe and the pair continued to kiss, after their game, in front of the rest of the house.

Heavy D claimed he could 'no longer trust' pal Bear for locking lips with the girl he likes, and now, Saira has told Chloe she needs to be careful as she is "playing with people's emotions."

Saira Khan in Celebrity Big Brother - 2 August 2016

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CBB: Chloe Khan hits out at Saira
4 August

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According to Daily Star, Saira takes the opportunity to confront Chloe over her kiss with Bear, and tells her housemate she needs to be honest with Heavy D. She says: "You need to have a chat with Heavy D. If you have feelings for Bear, you need to tell him."

Chloe has insisted she is not interested in Heavy and claims she has already made that clear to him. When questioned about her feelings for Bear, Chloe says their kiss was just part of a dare and that there are no feelings involved.

Following their chat, Chloe reveals she doesn't trust Saira and brands her a 'snake'.

In a new video shared by Big Brother, Chloe tells Bear: "She's using her journalism skills to come across like she cares, but actually she is playing a bigger game plan than you babe. I have clocked her today, she is the biggest f**king snake and I will never trust her again."

"I think she'll unravel herself and everyone will see it," Chloe added. "She says sorry at exactly the right time and she knows what to say in front of the right people... she is the worst f**king snake ever. She has made me cry my eyes out today... and I never cry.

Recalling their conversation in the bathroom, Chloe said: "I love Saira before this. I was in the batch and she was like, 'Turn the taps off so we can hear properly, put your mic on... she wanted it to be a thing."

Following Chloe's kiss with Bear, Heavy had been left upset and was later seen clashing with Bear when he came into the bedroom and was making noise while Heavy was trying to sleep.

As things got heated between the boys, Heavy was summoned to the Diary Room to cool off, and Saira took the opportunity to tell Chloe she needed to be honest with Heavy. Chloe, however, hit back that she had shut down Heavy's interests in her and questioned how many more times she could make herself clear.

Celebrity Big Brother 2016: Stephen Bear dares Chloe Mafia to a kiss
4 August 2016

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Celebrity Big Brother Day 7: Bear
4 August 2016

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Bear, meanwhile, lashed out after his spat with Heavy and then being told by Renee that he had been 'disrespectful' to some of his housemates by kissing Chloe. He threw a mug at one of the mirrors in the house and was given a formal warning with Big Brother.

Stuck in the Diary Room, a riled Bear threatened to 'turn over' the house if he wasn't allowed out and security had to intervene to calm him down. He spent the night away from his housemates in a separate room.

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