Gaz Beadle opens up about Charlotte Crosby's ectopic pregnancy: "It still hasn't kicked in"

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Geordie Shore star Gaz Beadle has opened up about Charlotte Crosby's ectopic pregnancy and admitted "it still hasn't kicked in" that he could have been a dad.

Back in May, Charlotte went public with her pregnancy heartbreak and revealed she had been hospitalised with internal bleeding, following an ectopic pregnancy that tore her fallopian tube.

Initially Gaz stayed silent on Charlotte's interview about the pregnancy, but later accused her of going public with it when they had agreed to keep it private. Now, he has spoken about the pregnancy with Daily Mail Australia and revealed he was "devastated" when he had found out.

Gary 'Gaz' Beadle snaps a selfie as he leaves Australia and heads to New Zealand, February 2016

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Charlotte Crosby selfie on Instagram
27 May

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Gary had been filming for Ex On The Beach's fifth series out in Thailand when Charlotte phoned him to break the news to him. She admitted that he had been "lovely" to her about it all, at the time, and he continued to film for the MTV dating show.

He has said that Charlotte reassured him she was ok, and told him to continue with filming, looking back, though, Gary admits: "Maybe I should have gone back."

"It still hasn't kicked in." he said. "I was like sh*t. If it hadn't happened, I would have a kid. Obviously, I was devastated."

Gaz added: "I can't really say now what would have been or what would have happened... I would have loved it."

News of Charlotte's pregnancy surfaced, after her relationship with Gary had broken down. The pair had reignited their romance during filming for Geordie Shore's Big Birthday Battle and had been trying to figure out if they did have a future together as a couple.

Throughout that time, though, neither Gaz or Charlotte made things exclusive, and he was under the impression he was single when he headed overseas to film.

Charlotte Crosby gushes over Gary Beadle on Instagram
16 March

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Charlotte and Gary pictured back when they were dating in March.

Reports then surfaced claiming Gaz had bedded Jem Lucy during filming, prompting Charlotte to call it quits with her co-star beau. While Gaz did admit to sleeping with someone on the show, he stressed that it was on the first night of filming and he hadn't been aware of Charlotte's hospitalisation at the time.

He claimed he didn't 'cheat' on Charlotte as they had not put a label on their relationship.

Following his return home, he and Charlotte publicly fell out on Twitter over their failed romance. Charlotte has now quit Geordie Shore and told fans at the time of announcing her exit, that she wanted to distance herself from Gaz.

In a recent interview with new!, Charlotte revealed she still has a lot of "hatred" towards Gary, and has ruled out the pair ever reconciling. She said: "I don't see how anything can be forgiven."

She also hit out at Gary for being the "lowest of the low" and likened him to being a 'murderer.'

Gary tweeted in response: "Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me."

He has now said that Charlotte's comments were the "final straw" for him and that the pair both now need to move on. "I'd never get back with Charlotte," he insists. "It's done and dusted after five years."

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