CBB: Marnie Simpson tries to clear the air with Stephen Bear after he claims 'he could kiss her'

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CBB: Marnie Simpson tried to clear the air with Stephen Bear, after he claimed in front of their fellow housemates that 'he could kiss her, if he wanted to.'

Fans will know that Marnie has struck up a romance with Lewis Bloor, so it's no surprise he clashed with Bear over his comments - especially as the pair have become pals in the house.

Bear had said that, hypothetically, he could kiss Marnie if he wanted to, because he 'can do what he wants.' Marnie tried to explain that his comments were a little bit disrespectful towards Lewis and set the record straight that she wouldn't be locking lips with Bear... at least on a romantic level.

CBB: Marnie Simpson and Stephen Bear clear the air
2 August

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Viewers did see Bear and Marnie briefly kiss as part of a house task. The housemates had been told to put on a talent show, and Bear, Marnie and Lewis acted out a reality sketch which saw Bear and Marnie kiss.

She also kissed Lewis in the Jeremy Kyle inspired scene.

However, later that evening, when Lewis joked that he had his "missus" in Marnie and Bear had his in Mobwives star Renee Graziano (after commenting on how well he and Renee had bonded), Bear hit back: "I ain't got no missus in here. I could kiss [Marnie] if I want."

When Lewis told Bear that he 'likes Marnie', the Ex On The Beach star replied: "I don't give a f**k. It's nothing personal... it's me. There's no dibs in here mate... I'll do what I f**king want."

Bear vented his frustration at being told what to do and told Lewis that he doesn't have dibs on Marnie just because they have struck up a romance.

CBB: Marnie Simpson and Stephen Bear clear the air
2 August

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Marnie later approached Bear and tried to soothe the situation. She told him: "You were a bit disrespectful to Lewis there."

He asked: "Why was I? If I want to kiss someone I will, no one has got a boyfriend or girlfriend in here... is that disrespectful?"

Marnie replied: "No, that's not disrespectful... It's slightly disrespectful to Lewis. Are you not his friend?"

When Bear questioned Marnie over whether Lewis is her boyfriend or not, she responded: "We're not talking about me. We're talking about you and Lewis."

"What about me and Lewis?" Bear said. " I like him as a friend, but are you two boyfriend and girlfriend?"

Marnie again said no, prompting Bear to say: "So if I say I want to kiss you, I'll kiss you. If I want to kiss someone else, I would. No one has got boyfriends or girlfriends here. Is that a right point?"

She then made a point to Bear that she "probably wouldn't" kiss him if he did try, leading Bear to say: "No, I'm saying if I wanted to, I would. If I wanted to. Not saying you would back, but if I wanted to do something I would. That's all I'm saying."

Marnie then told her housemate that he should explain that to Lewis because they are friends.

CBB: Marnie Simpson and Stephen Bear clear the air
2 August

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At first, Bear claimed he was going to "do nothing", but he did later explain the nature of his comments to Lewis.

He told him: "I'm saying if I want to kiss that person, I would - not saying that I would do it. I'm not saying I would try to, but if I want to do something I will do it because no one has a boyfriend or girlfriend in here."

"There is no dramas here..." He insisted.

Bear's comments did, however, see him fall out of favour with fans. They questioned Bear's actions as he is currently dating Lillie Lexie Gregg. Some viewers asked whether Bear had forgotten about Lillie, while others defended the reality star and suggested he won't stray.

Lillie, meanwhile, hasn't reacted to last night's CBB episode. She has instead flown to Marbella to see family.

CBB airs nightly on Channel 5.

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