CBB: Marnie Simpson hits out at Heavy D for making her feel "uncomfortable"

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CBB: Marnie Simpson lost her cool with Heavy D, after he tried to suggest that Marnie would pursue Stephen Bear, despite having struck up a romance with Lewis Bloor in the house.

In last night's episode of the show (2 August), Marnie and Bear briefly kissed as part of a house task, but Bear later stirred up trouble when he claimed he would kiss Marnie on a romantic level, if he wanted to, despite her situation with Lewis.

His comments saw him clash with Lewis over Marnie, and Heavy D then got involved by claiming if Marnie didn't want to kiss Bear, she would have hit back at the Ex On The Beach star...

CBB: Marnie Simpson loses her cool with Heavy D
2 August

© Channel 5

Heavy D's claims saw him fall out of favour with Lewis, who told Heavy he was "disappointed" in him.

He said: "You're being an a*sehole, you're being the Heavy D from Storage Hunters that no one likes. You're telling me that I'm sitting here with a girl that I like and a geezer has said that he can kiss her when he wants and you reckon just because she hasn't said nothing, she would kiss him?"

Heavy, meanwhile, argued: "I didn't say that, I said that if that's not truth, [Marnie] has to say, 'No that's b******s.'"

Having her say, Marnie explained that she had felt "awkward" over Bear's comments. She told Heavy: "You're forgetting that I'm friends with [Bear]. It's awkward for us, if I'm going to say something to him, it's going to affect the friendship. I feel like Bear has said that to wind people up, I know him, I know of him..."

She ended up exploding at Heavy, though, when he continued to laugh through her response and appeared not to listen to what she had to say.

When Heavy asked why she was 'having a go' at him, Marnie snapped: "You're getting at him and you're making me feel uncomfortable."

CBB: Marnie Simpson loses her cool with Heavy D
2 August

© Channel 5

Marnie then claimed that Heavy was trying to be like Bear and stir the pot for the rest of the housemates, while Lewis accused him of being "bitter."

He said that Heavy was only acting they way he was because Chloe Khan had previously 'turned him down.'

Lewis said: "You were a nice guy until she turned you down. Now, you've turned."

Although, Heavy hit back, while pointing at Chloe: "No, I don't give a sh*t about that."


CBB: Lewis Bloor and Stephen Bear clash over Marnie Simpson
2 August

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Their fallout comes after Bear had claimed he could kiss Marnie, if he wants to.

Lewis had jokingly referred to Marnie as his "missus" and Renee Grazaino as Bear's (as they have developed a close bond in the house), prompting Bear to hit back: "I ain't got no missus in here. I could kiss [Marnie] if I want... Not in a bad way. There's no pigeon holes in here."

When Lewis told his co-star that he likes Marnie, Bear responded: "I don't give a f**k. It's nothing personal... it's me. There's no dibs in here mate... I'll do what I f**king want."

He later explained to Lewis what he had meant by his comments, and said that, hypothetically, if he wanted to kiss Marnie, he would - not that he wants to or will try to.

CBB: Lewis Bloor and Stephen Bear clash over Marnie Simpson
2 August

© Channel 5

In fact, Bear told Renee that he has no plans to kiss anyone in the house.

His task kiss with Marnie and his comments about her still saw Bear fall out of favour with CBB fans, though. Some viewers took to Twitter to question Bear's actions, as he is currently dating Lillie Lexie Gregg on the outside.

One user tweeted: "Does Bear not remember who Lillie Gregg is?" Others, however, defended Bear, with one fan commenting: "Bear is a good guy. He won't cheat on Lillie."

CBB airs nightly on Channel 5.

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