Joe Swash confirms that he and Stacey Solomon have been talking about marriage and babies

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Joe Swash has confirmed that he and Stacey Solomon have been talking about marriage together, and admitted babies are a "good idea."

Sounds like things are pretty serious between these two then, right?!

Joe Swash and Stacey Solomon, Loose Women
1 August


Joe (who went public with his romance with Stacey earlier this year) appeared on Loose Women yesterday (1 August) alongside girlfriend Stacey, and the panel showed him several videos of Stacey previously discussing their relationship on the show.

One in particular was of Stacey talking about weddings and how she would like to tie the knot. Stacey had said: "Ever since I was a little girl, I've thought about getting married... Right now, I hope Joe isn't watching, but I adore Joe and it's something that we do talk about it."

Joe turned to Stacey after the clip had been shown and said: "You can't keep nothing secret, can you? You just come on here and blab!"

She replied: "I can't lie..." And Joe then confirmed to the Loose Women ladies that the couple have discussed marriage together.

He said: "Yep... it is something we have talked about."

Another video then showed Stacey admitting that she "wants more children." She is already mum to two boys from two previous relationships, and the 26-year-old confessed that society has made her feel like she can't now have another child with another man.

Joe Swash and Stacey Solomon, Loose Women
1 August


Stuck for words and after laughing nervously, Joe joked: "It makes me sweat when she talks about babies. No, no... definitely... babies... I think that's a good idea."

On a serious note, though, Joe said that Stacey having children from previous relationships wouldn't put him off starting a family with her. He said: "I've got a child as well with someone else, and as long as you have that child and you're in love and you have that child for the right reasons... then have as many as you want. Crack on."

Stacey cutely fist pumped after hearing her boyfriend's comments and she and Joe high-fived. As if our hearts could melt anymore with these two!

Another confession from Stacey recalled the first time Joe met her family. She revealed it was a big family get together that he hadn't been aware of, and after being introduced to everyone, Joe couldn't stop sweating. Oh, and he had planned to stay over, but didn't want to tell Stacey's dad, so when he asked Joe when he was leaving, the former EastEnders star decided to head off.

Oh, Joe!

"That is correct," he admitted. "I thought it would be a nice little evening just me and Stacey... there was about 49 of them in that house. And then I start getting this thing where I'm getting a bit of a sweat on, and then I sweat because I'm sweating. The family must have thought, 'He's a right weirdo.'"

We also got to hear about the time Stacey had gone to the toilet at Joe's house, but he had ran out of toilet roll. Instead, she used a sock... Joe quipped: "I've got a lot less socks than I used to have..."

Watch Joe and Stacey's cute appearance on Loose Women here:

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