CBB star Marnie Simpson warns: "People might be shocked at some of the stuff I come out with"

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CBB: Marnie Simpson has warned fans of the show that she may "shock" them throughout her time in the house.

Marnie is following in the footsteps of her Geordie Shore co-stars Charlotte Crosby and Scotty T by starring on CBB's current series, but she has said she thinks she is "a bit more controversial" compared to them.

Ahead of entering the house, Marnie claimed she may "shock" people on the show, as she says all the things people aren't supposed to say.

Marnie Simpson, Celebrity Big Brother
1 August

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Speaking to new! magazine, Marnie suggested: "I think people will think I'm too open because the things you're not supposed to say, I just say. People might be shocked at some of the stuff I come out with, but I'm from the North. We're all like that!"

Living up to her word, Marnie caused a stir on launch night when she revealed she had brought a sex toy with her into the house, and was seen quizzing Loose Women star Saira Khan about her sexual antics.

Marnie also appeared to fall out of favour with fans, after flashing her boobs at Saira as part of a game of truth or dare. Prior to playing, Marnie had tried to clear the air with Saira following an argument earlier that day.

Saira had been called out by her housemates for being 'patronising' and viewers saw her come to blows with Stephen Bear - after he claimed she was trying to "trick him into looking bad" with the viewers at home.

Their fallout had Saira in tears, and she then fell out with Marnie, accusing her of 'becoming a different person once she's had a drink, when Marnie came to check if she was ok.

Marnie was then dared to apologise to Saira for their confrontation and ask if it was because she was 'jealous of her boobs.' Marnie then lifted up her top and exposed her assets in Saira's face. While Saira didn't react, James Whale branded Marnie's actions 'unnecessary' and many fans on Twitter claimed it was 'disrespectful.'

Marnie Simpson and Saira Khan, Celebrity Big Brother
31 July

© Channel 5

Charlotte Crosby, meanwhile, defended Marnie and insisted her co-star would feel remorseful the following day. Viewers did then see Marnie apologise to Saira for offending her, and insisted it was just part of a game they had been playing.

During her time on the show, Charlotte had gone on to win Celebrity Big Brother, but Marnie has said she isn't sure she can follow suit.

Speaking to host Emma Willis before entering the house, Marnie claimed she was "very different" to Charlotte and added in her recent interview: " I'm 99% sure I won't win because I'm a bit controversial compared to Charlotte and Scott. [They] have been loved in Geordie Shore from day one, whereas I haven't. I'm not going in there to win."

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