Stephanie Davis admits she is missing having someone to share her pregnancy with

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Stephanie Davis has admitted she is missing having somebody to share her pregnancy with, after feeling her baby move for the first time.

Taking to Snapchat, Steph shared another pregnancy update with fans and admitted she had a bit of an emotional day yesterday (31 July).

Steph revealed she had a meltdown over craving bacon, but later admitted it wasn't the bacon that had caused her tears. Stephanie told her followers: "I was just having a bad day... all my friends have got boyfriends and babies, and are getting married and then there's just me."

Stephanie Davis talks about pregnancy, Snapchat
31 July

© Snapchat / stephanieannd77

Stephanie Davis talks about pregnancy, Snapchat
31 July

© Snapchat / stephanieannd77

She explained: "I've had a really tough pregnancy and I've been really, really ill and all I wanted was someone to make me a cup of tea and a bacon butty."

"I've been really good and not complained at all, but today that was it," she said. "It was bacon meltdown. I've cried all day today... all today."

Stephanie then added: "I know it sounds so stupid getting so upset about a little thing, but it wasn't just the bacon. It was that no one was there to make me bacon, or rub my back or make me a cup of tea.

"Today, I felt my baby flutter for the first time and that made me really emotional too because I had no one to share it with. But it's ok and it's all good, and it's all exciting. Staying positive and keeping fresh."

The former Hollyoaks star then told fans that her mum had come to her rescue instead, after making her a chocolate and putting a smile back on her face.

Glad to hear it.

Stephanie is currently expecting her first child, but her ex-boyfriend Jeremy McConnell has contested her claims that he is the father.

Stephanie Davis declares love for Jeremy McConnell on Instagram
17 March

© Instagram / @stephaniedavis88

Steph pictured with Jeremy back in March 2016.

Irish model Jeremy has claimed he can't be the father, as Steph had told him she'd had her period after they had split up. Steph, meanwhile, has insisted that Jeremy is the dad of her unborn baby.

During an appearance on Loose Women last month, she said: "He is 100 percent the father. He knows that."

Steph also claimed that she and Jeremy had been "trying for a baby" before they split for the fourth and final time in May. She said: "Jeremy wanted a baby with me... looking at it now, it wasn't the right thing to do considering the relationship. It was a bit of a shock. I never would have got pregnant to think I was going to be doing it alone. I found out once we had split up, I got pregnant in Cape Verde on holiday or just before that."

Stephanie is due to give birth in January next year and recently revealed she has bought herself a house for herself and her baby to live in.

The 23-year-old told fans that she "can't wait" to meet her bubba. Stephanie gushed: "Hopefully now there is nothing that this baby will ever need, because I want to provide it all and be the best mum I could ever be. And I hope, I hope that the baby can sense happiness and laughter and love now, I'm happy and really excited and just can't wait to meet him or her."

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