TOWIE: Pete Wicks admits drama with Megan McKenna/Mike Hassini is 'bringing out the worst' in him

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TOWIE: Pete Wicks has said his latest drama with girlfriend Megan McKenna and Mike Hassin has 'brought out the worst in him', after he lost his cool with Mike for calling Megan a 'sl*g.'

Fans will know that things have been tense between Mike and Pete, ever since Mike claimed he had been told Megan had been flirting with other guys in Marbella. His claims followed on from Chloe Lewis' rumour that Megan had been 'dirty grinding' with another man - not Pete - at the same pool party, prompting Pete to tell both Mike and Chloe to stay out of his relationship.

Things got even more heated between Mike and Pete, after Mike called Megan a 'sl*g' off camera. Pete had confronted him about his comment, and appeared to lose his cool as he squared up to Mike when he branded Pete a 'f**king joke.'

TOWIE: Pete Wicks talks to Chloe Sims and James Lock about Mike Hassini fallout,
31 July


TOWIE: Pete Wicks talks to Chloe Sims and James Lock about Mike Hassini fallout,
31 July


Pete told Mike that he 'wasn't his pal' anymore, and following their confrontation he hit out at his co-star. Pete said: "I don't think Mike really understands what I have the hump about. I don't know whether that tiny little brain can comprehend what loyalty is. One day when he realises that there's more important things in life than selfies he might realise dog moves like that really don't go down well."

He added: "I'll never forget the way he's gone about this or what he's said to [Megan]. As far as I'm concerned, it's Mike who?"

In last night's episode of TOWIE, viewers saw Pete seem remorseful over the way he confronted Mike. He told Chloe Sims and his BFF James Lock that he feels like he has 'let himself down' for losing his cool.

Chloe had said to Pete: "Pete you look really rough... you just look like a man with the world on his shoulders."

Lockie agreed, adding: "I've never seen you like this. You're losing your cool, arguing with everyone, falling out with everyone... I know you've got good intentions. Obviously you've got your birds back which is right, but when is enough enough?"

Pete then told his friends that he was finding the latest dramas surrounding him and Megan "draining."

He explained: "I feel like I've let myself down with the way I reacted with Mike, I used to have a really bad temper and I don't have it anymore. I'm always pretty cool and calm, and I feel like it's bringing the worst out of me having to deal with all of this."

TOWIE: Pete Wicks talks to Chloe Sims and James Lock about Mike Hassini fallout,
31 July


Pete continued: "I feel useless. [Megan's] upset all the time. Its frustrating me. I spoke to my mum and she got upset... I think she's disappointed in me for the way I've reacted to this because I think she feels like I've gone back five years to where I used to lose my nut all the time. The only people's opinions that matter to me are my mum's and my nan's."

Chloe then told him: "Don't beat yourself up. Honestly, you haven't done anything wrong. The only crime that you've made is being a bit too aggressive. [Mike] was in the wrong."

"I think it was too soon for me to go and see him and speak to him because I was still raging at what he said to her," Pete admitted. "I need to go back to how I think things should be dealt with rather than losing my head about stuff."

While fans didn't see Pete and Mike come across each other for a third time in the episode, they did see Mike apologise to Megan - like he had promised Pete he would.

He told Megan he was "bang out of order" for calling her a 'sl*g' and shouting at her in the way he did.

TOWIE continues Wednesday 3 August at 10pm on ITVBe.

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