TOWIE's Lydia Bright defends Arg beach confrontation: 'I had to be brutal... but it was from the heart'

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TOWIE's Lydia Bright has said she had "no choice" but to confront James 'Arg' Argent on the beach as she did in Majorca, saying: "I had to be quite brutal [but] it was all from the heart."

In the opening episode of series 18 - The Only Way Is Majorca - viewers saw Lydia having a tense conversation with ex-boyfriend Arg, where she told him she felt sorry for him and said she didn't want him in her life anymore, even as friends.

TOWIE Series 18, Episode 1: Lydia and Arg talk on the beach
17 July 2016


TOWIE Series 18, Episode 1: Lydia and Arg talk on the beach
17 July 2016


The harsh chat received PLENTY of attention, prompting Lydia to say she was "frustrated" by the focus being on negative reactions to her words, rather than those who supported her.

Now, she has opened about why she said what she did, and how she felt about the reaction to what happened on the beach.

Lydia insisted she hadn't pre-planned what to say and the meeting with Arg hadn't been set up beforehand.

"I didn't plan it at all – I didn't give it any thought until I was in the situation," she said. "I had no clue I would bump into him that day. That's why I swore when I saw him. Everything I said was completely from the heart and what I wanted to say at the time."

Lydia Bright and James Arg Argent on cinema date, Instagram
25 August

© Instagram / @lydiabright

Lydia and Arg, pictured last August, were together on and off for seven years.

Lydia went on to say she'd found the confrontation difficult as she usually doesn't talk openly about her problems. It was especially hard as she hadn't seen Arg since the day of their split earlier this year.

"James and I hadn't had any conversations for the whole three months since our split. That was the first time we were face to face and I had no choice but to address what had happened. I had blocked it out for so long, went away to Indonesia and Vegas with my friends as I didn't want to think about it. It was hard and afterwards did have a cry with Chloe Lewis. It was difficult and I'm glad it's done because for me now it means closure."

"It's done, it's out there and I've said what I wanted to say," she added. "I had to be quite brutal but that's the only way I could play it – it was all from the heart."

And, yes, when she says closure, she means closure: there is no chance of a reunion for the former couple, who had an on-off relationship over seven years.

"For me there is no going back," she insisted. "We have been through a lot over the years but I reached my limit the evening we broke up. It has been very difficult, but it's made me a much stronger person."

Lydia Bright on holiday in Bali.
2 May 2016.

© Instagram / lydiabright

Lydia went travelling after her split from Arg.

TOWIE Series 18, Episode 2
Arg finds out Lydia's had a holiday romance
To air 20 July 2016


Arg later found out Lydia had moved on and kissed someone else.

During the beach confrontation, Lydia had told Arg: "I just think moving on from now I deeply don't want us to ever be friends. You're not the kind of person I want to be in my life. My life is my life now, and I'm getting on with it, we'll keep it that we're strangers. We will just walk past each other and that's how I would like it. I don't want to know you anymore."

Arg later found out Lydia had kissed someone during a night out in Majorca. He was tearful when Tommy Mallet told him, and admitted it was inevitable after their split but still hard to hear.

"It's just part and parcel of when you break up with someone. You'll hear about them. When you break up and you don't speak for a while and you hear they've been with this person or they're seeing someone else or dating, it's never easy to hear," he said.

"It's not the end of the world. It's just shame everything has happened. It's just sad, isn't it? And it's all my fault. But it's just funny how things work out, isn't it?"

TOWIE continues Wednesday at 10pm on ITVBe.

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