Lateysha Grace returns to Big Brother and hits out at Andy West for being "patronising"

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Lateysha Grace had teased she would be returning to the Big Brother house, and fans got to see her reunite with her housemates in last night's episode of the show (24 July).

The housemates had been taken part in a court room style task, where they were grilled about their character and forced to defend themselves in front of a jury and witnesses - who just happened to be a few blasts from the past.

Lateysha was called up to give evidence on Andy West being 'patronising' and she didn't hesitate to fill the other housemates in on what she had seen on the show from the outside.

Lateysha Grace returns to the house, Big Brother
24 July

© Channel 5

Lateysha (who definitely made an entrance thanks to changing her locks to candy floss pink colour) greeted her housemates, with many approving of her new look and telling the former Valleys star she looked amazing.

Taking to the witness stand, Lateysha told Andy: "I do believe you are very patronising. Not only am I speaking on myself, but the public as well. The public, they can see it. I feel like just because you are a bit more intelligent than a lot of us in here, you think you are superior to everyone."

Andy interjected: "I don't. You and I aren't going to be mates. We don't approach life in the same way. You don't like the way I act and I don't like the way you act."

That only prompted Lateysha to reveal: "Guys, do you know he slags a lot of people off in the diary room by the way. A lot of people. And then he goes in the garden and b*tches to Jason, and Jason condones it."

Andy West, Big Brother
24 July

© Channel 5

When Andy denied her claims, Lateysha hit back: "It is very much true. I'm watching."

Following her fleeting visit to the house being aired on Channel 5, Lateysha tweeted her followers and defended how she had spoken about Andy on the show. She said: "I'm entitled to my own opinion just like Andy , I lived with the guy for 6 weeks and he was nothing but patronising towards me."

Latyesha was evicted from Big Brother nearly two weeks ago now, after Jason Burrill chose her to leave the show.

As part of the house's 'Annihilation Week', the housemates had the opportunity to steal £20,000 of the total prize fund and secure their place in the house. Jason did so and as a result he had to choose one person to evict from the house.

He chose Lateysha, outlining her as the person he thinks is most likely to win the show. He also said that his reasons for choosing her were partly because she has a baby at home too, her daughter Wynter.

Lateysha, however, hit back at Jason at the time and told him: "I'm skint on my a*se, ok? I'm a single mum. This opportunity came up for me, why the f**k am I not going to take it to win a bit of money for me and my daughter? Who wouldn't? I just want to let you know that coming in here has been the hardest thing I've ever had to do, but I wanted to get to the final. For her... I've got no time of day for you."

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