Outnumbered kids grow up: 7 ways Twitter reacted to Jake, Ben and Karen's reunion!

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We are LOVING this brand new picture of the Outnumbered kids reuniting and looking rather different to how we remember them.

Well, to be fair, Jake looks pretty much the same but siblings Ben and Karen have definitely changed a bit over the years!

The photo surfaced on a Twitter account called @goggleboxquotes alongside the caption: "As if these are the Outnumbered kids…"

They really are!

Plenty of fans were quick to described the trio as "unrecognizable" from their Outnumbered days but others pointed out it's been two years since the show ended and it's pretty inevitable that people will look a bit different!

BBC One family show Outnumbered.


How they were!

Tyger Drew-Honey (Jake) is now 20, while Daniel Roche (Ben) is 16 and Ramona Marquez (Karen) is 15 years old. She was only six when the series began.

Comedy series Outnumbered started on BBC back in 2007 and ran across five series with three Christmas specials. It followed the lives of Pete (Hugh Dennis) and Sue (Claire Skinner) Brockman and their three young children in London.

Since then we've all been desperate for a new series or even a one-off special, so it's no surprise the picture of the Outnumbered kids reunited has given everyone the feels.

Tyger later tweeted: "No idea that the pic of me, Dan and Ramona yesterday would go basically viral!"

BRB. We're off to binge watch Outnumbered on Netflix...

Here's how Twitter reacted!

1. Wow, we're old.

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2. Everyone ages, duh, what's the big deal?

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3. Um, they look the same...

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4. Ah, let's just remember how awesome Outnumbered was!

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5. Two years? Give us a decade

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6. Er, what's Outnumbered?

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7. You've all got the wrong picture

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