TOWIE's Megan McKenna takes a swipe at Chloe Lewis: "You know nothing about my personal life"

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TOWIE's Megan McKenna has appeared to have taken a swipe at her co-star Chloe Lewis on Instagram, telling her: "You know nothing about my personal life..."

Given her latest drama with Chloe (Chloe has claimed she saw Megan 'dirty grinding' with a guy in Marbella), Megs has vented her frustration at people talking about her personal life.

She took to Instagram with a screenshot of herself and boyfriend Pete Wicks holding hands during a TOWIE episode and cryptically added the caption: "Why talk about my personal life, when you know nothing about it..."

Megan didn't directly refer to Chloe in her caption, but some of her followers put two and two together and accused Chloe of being "jealous" over Megan.

Others took Megan's caption to be a general message to those who have negatively commented on her relationship with Pete. One fan replied: "If you're happy @megan_mckenna_ that's all that matters. F**k the haters and never let them add fuel to your fire."

Another referred to *that* rumour Chloe dropped on Sunday night's episode and said: "Unless you saw it with your own eyes then no one should judge @megan_mckenna_."

Things have been tense between Chloe and Megan, ever since Chloe accused her of sleeping with her ex-boyfriend Jake Hall on TOWIE's last series. Megan and Jake both denied the claims, but Chloe has declared she can't "bear the sight" of Megan, and was seen telling her co-stars she doesn't like her during the show's opening episode of the new series.

Megan, meanwhile, raged when she heard what Chloe has now said about her. She insisted to Pete that the rumour was not true, and Pete's BFF Lockie said he could vouch for Megan as he was there at the same pool party Chloe had been talking about.

In tonight's episode of the show (20 July), fans will get to see Megan confront Chloe. She has teased that it "won't be pretty" and has accused Chloe of trying to ruin her relationship with Pete.

TOWIE Series 18, Episode 2
Megan McKenna and Pete Wicks
To air 20 July 2016


Pete, meanwhile, is sticking by Megan. He confronts Chloe himself about the rumour, and tells Megan he will have her back.

Having his say on Chloe after learning about the latest rumour, Pete had said: "To be fair, Chloe is a nice girl, but she's obviously unstable as far as I'm concerned. Where her relationship has broken down, which is nothing to do with us - it's been broken down for f**king years, obviously she sees me and her quite happy it's probably got to her quite a bit... all this crap she is talking about in Marbella, [Megan] grinding on people, she was out there with all my mates...

"When you look at strong relationships, they don't fall apart based on rumours, they fall apart based on facts. Chloe's got no facts. The only fact of it is, is that she's unstable and her relationship was pretty much over before me and Megan got together, and before Megan was even around on the scene."

TOWIE continues tonight Wednesday 20 July at 10pm on ITVBe.

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