Pregnant Stephanie Davis responds to ex Jeremy McConnell's paternity claims: "He is 100 percent"

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Pregnant Stephanie Davis has finally had her say on ex-boyfriend Jeremy McConnell's paternity claims, and has insisted he is "100 percent" the father of her unborn child.

Since news of Stephanie's pregnancy was confirmed back in May, Jeremy has said he is not the father. He claimed he couldn't have been because Stephanie told him she'd had her period following their split. He told Ireland's TVNow: "Look, if she is pregnant it's not my kid. She had her period. We had been broken up."

Stephanie has been insisting that Jeremy is the dad on social media and now directly responding to his claims, she has said: "He is 100 percent the father. He knows that."

Stephanie Davis on Loose Women, ITV
19 July


Stephanie's comments came during her first televised interview since falling pregnant. She appeared on ITV's Loose Women and speaking about Jeremy, Steph told the panel that she and Jeremy had been trying for a baby.

Steph revealed: "Jeremy wanted a baby with me... looking at it now, it wasn't the right thing to do considering the relationship. It was a bit of a shock. I never would have got pregnant to think I was going to be doing it alone. I found out once we had split up, I got pregnant in Cape Verde on holiday or just before that."

The former Hollyoaks star claimed that she had asked Jeremy to do a DNA test to prove whether he is the father or not. Steph explained that she had been researching into it, and found that Jeremy could have taken a pre-DNA test. Although, she did add that she was hesitant to do so, as it could affect the baby's chances of survival.

"I've asked him to do a DNA test, if he really cared he would have... I said about a pre-DNA test, but I wouldn't do that because it's a high risk of miscarriage."

She then accused Jeremy of "running away" from the pregnancy. Stephanie added: "I think Jeremy has made it very clear where he stands. He's neglecting his own flesh and blood. He doesn't want to believe it."

Stephanie Davis declares love for Jeremy McConnell on Instagram
17 March

© Instagram / @stephaniedavis88

Stephanie pictured with Jeremy back when they were dating in March.

On the show, the Loose Women panel received a response from Jeremy.

He claimed that he had seen pictures of Stephanie in bed with other boys, that's why he has asked if he is the father. Explaining why he hasn't done a DNA test as of yet, Jeremy said: "A pre test could be fatal, that's the reason why I wouldn't want to do a test until the baby is born."

Stephanie said she had found Jeremy's response "predictable", but thanked the show for getting an answer from him.

"It's nice that he is actually acknowledging that there is a baby there now," the 23-year-old replied. "I can't believe you've got an answer out of him, Me and my family have been trying for weeks. If he wants to run away from it, that's fine."

Stephanie also told the panel that she no longer has feelings for Jeremy. She revealed she "isn't in love" with the Irish model anymore, and instead insisted that she is now "focusing on herself."

Stephanie and Jeremy began dating after starring on Celebrity Big Brother together, earlier this year. They split for the fourth and final time in May.

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