Stephanie Davis breaks down in tears discussing pregnancy trolls on Loose Women

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Stephanie Davis broke into tears while discussing the trouble she has had with trolls throughout her pregnancy so far.

The 23-year-old, who is nearly 14 weeks gone, has had a tough time since learning she is expecting. Not only has Steph had to endure a very public split from ex-boyfriend Jeremy McConnell, she has had to contest his claims he isn't the father of her unborn child and has been forced to respond to trolls accusing her of faking her pregnancy.

When asked how she coped with it all during her appearance on Loose Women, especially the constant negative comments online, Stephanie began to cry and admitted to the panel: "It gets me emotional."

Stephanie Davis breaks down on Loose Women while discussing pregnancy trolls
19 July

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Stephanie had been reluctant to share any baby bump photos or scan pictures on social media. She explained she had wanted to keep everything private, until she had reached the 12-week mark.

That led to some doubting whether Stephanie was actually pregnant.

The former Hollyoaks star recalled: "I said I was going to be strong and not cry... I was going through everything with Jeremy and then I had the press printing what was going on with us, and then I just had these disgusting trolls. I think because I was so emotional at the time and dealing with stuff... they were saying stuff like, 'I hope she loses the baby.'

"Before I had came out that I was pregnant, Jeremy was posting things online, I kind of had to bring out that I was pregnant because of what he was doing. I was getting bullied because I wasn't posting anything, but because of the stress I wanted to make sure I got to the 12 week safe mark because anything could happen. With all the stress that I was going through, I didn't want to put that out there and jinx it.

"I did post stuff and then it was, 'Oh, she's faking it.' It was really awful. That one comment can stick with you all day."

Stephanie Davis baby bump, Loose Women, ITV
19 July

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Stephanie Davis shares baby scan on Loose Women
19 July


Stephanie was then asked why she didn't come off social media and stop reading the messages she had been sent.

She responded: "I sometimes think why should I come off Twitter? The bad comments are out of thousands and thousands of amazing comments that really lifted me up."

Steph has since silenced her doubters by unveiling her baby bump on the front cover of OK! magazine and on social media too. Releasing her first baby bump picture, Stephanie said at the time: "To all them trolls, haters and nasty people who have not let me enjoy my pregnancy, you can see my bump and my scan when you buy a copy. Up yours."

Giving any doubters further proof that she is set to welcome a little one, Stephanie proudly showcased her baby bump on Loose Women and even treated the panel and viewers at home to a picture of her baby scan.

While on the show, Stephanie also discussed Jeremy's claims he isn't the father of her baby. She insisted that he "100 percent is", and revealed that the ex-couple had been trying for a baby before they split.

Stephanie also said that she is no longer in love with Jeremy, and is focusing on herself and her pregnancy.

"My priorities have changed," she said. "When you find out you're a mother, everything changes. It's a full-time commitment."

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