Exclusive: TOWIE star Elliott Wright talks Playa In Marbella: "You get to see the real me"

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Ex-TOWIE star Elliott Wright is about to hit our screens with his very own show, Playa In Marbella, and he tells us we'll finally get to see the "real him."

ITVBe have followed Elliott's move to Marbella and fans will get to see the reality star flying solo, as he develops his new restaurant Olivia's La Cala. As well as seeing Elliott in business mode, the 35-year-old will also be treating fans to a firsthand look at his family and his relationship with fiancée Sadie Stuart.

Speaking exclusively to Reveal, ahead of his show's debut, Elliott told us: "You see me as a dad, you see me as a businessman and a boss, you see my mum and dad, and you see me in a proper relationship. You see the real me, I suppose."

Elliott Wright's new show Playa In Marbella trailer, ITVBe
29 June

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He stressed to us that Playa In Marbella is not another reality show, but it's more of a documentary based on his life overseas.

Explaining the difference, Elliott said: "On TOWIE you only saw a small snippet of me really and whatever storyline I'm in, whereas this show, it's shot like a documentary so you see all aspects of me. I don't know if that's a good thing or a bad thing. Everyone is going to have their own judgements on it, but I'm serious about what I do. You can't go and spend what I've spent on Olivia's if you weren't serious.

"When I was in England and on TV, I had a TV career, when I flew to Spain, I was a single dad and a restauranteur and I've never mixed the two. I've opened up one of the biggest restaurants in Marbella, which is really difficult to do as it's been busy from day dot, and at the same time, I've got kids involved. It's not easy filming 17 hours a day, but I enjoy doing it."

Opening up a new business is stressful in itself, never mind putting it all on camera for the nation to tune in as you do it. So did Elliott ever have second thoughts?

He said: "For me, it was like, 'What happens if it all goes wrong on camera?' I'd had so much exposure because of TOWIE and was a new kid on the block in Marbella, but I went balls out and spent £1.5 million on a restaurant. I just thought if I went skint and went bankrupt, I'd be a national disgrace anyway. If you're going to go out, go in style and put it on camera. Sod it - that was kind of the attitude."

"This restaurant was a big risk," Elliott added. "But a year down the line, it's a great restaurant, I've met my new fiancée and it's worked out really well. I've ended up smashing it."

Elliott Wright announces engagement to Sadie Stuart, 3 June 2016

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Elliott with his fiancée Sadie.

Elliott confessed that he has always been hoping to have his own show, even when he first joined TOWIE back in 2013. He appeared on the show for two years, before leaving to make the move to Spain.

"It was always the plan [to have my own show]," Elliott admitted. "I saw my cousin Mark do very well on TOWIE and he got his own show... I would never do anything with no long gain in there. It was always a case of going on TOWIE to get my own show.

"Sometimes in life you've just got to go with what's happening at the time."

And hoping that Playa In Marbella will be a success in its own right, Elliott revealed he didn't ask any of his TOWIE stars or the Wright family to appear on the show - regardless of reports.

Jessica Wright and cousin Elliott Wright out in Marbella, Spain
3 June

© Instagram / @jesswright77

Elliott says Jess will appear on Playa In Marbella - but her cameo wasn't intentional.

Elliott explained: "Jessica [Wright] and Ferne [McCann] were over at the time and they asked me if they could come [to Olivia's]. I said they could and they were nice enough to say that they didn't mind being on camera. You see my cousin and Ferne, but you don't see any other cameos.

"I wanted to do my own thing, I didn't really want anybody else on there. It means the show is standalone for what it is, I didn't need anyone else on there to help that. It's not a reality show. I never asked anyone to be in it."

Elliott's show Playa In Marbella kicks off Wednesday 20 July at 9pm on ITVBe.

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