Exclusive: Elliott Wright reveals he DID propose on camera: "I'm in a great place with Sadie Stuart"

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Eek! Elliott Wright has revealed we WILL get to see the moment he proposed to fiancée Sadie Stuart on his new show Playa In Marbella.

Elliott is going solo with his new show on ITVBe and the former TOWIE star has promised that, this time round, fans will finally get to see the "real him." We'll see him as a businessman, as a boss, as a dad to his two children from a previous relationship and as a fiancé, as he's even inviting the cameras in when it comes to his romance with 24-year-old Sadie.

In fact, Elliott decided to film the moment he popped the question, as he thinks it would make a great memory to share with his and Sadie's future children.

Elliott Wright with fiancee Sadie Stuart
July 2016

© Instagram / @elliottwright_

Yep, the couple are hoping babies are definitely on the cards.

Speaking exclusively to Reveal, Elliott told us about the proposal: "I was very touch and go about whether I wanted to do it [on camera]. For me when I sat and thought about it, I have been engaged before and I have got kids and they don't know what has gone on. If I did do it on camera, our children [looks at Sadie] would be able to see their dad propose to their mum. I thought I wanted to do that!"

Cute, no?

When we asked Sadie if she and Elliott were planning to start a family in the future like Elliott had suggested, she told us: "I'd like to think we would have children."

Elliott then joked: "I'm 35 and she's 24, she wants six kids and I don't know if I can pop them out... we'll have to see how that one unfolds. I'll certainly enjoy trying!"

Elliott and Sadie announced their engagement in June, ten months after they first began dating, but both admitted they haven't yet had a chance to get stuck into those wedding plans.

"It's been a whirlwind," Elliott admitted. "We haven't had an opportunity to just sit down and say, 'When? Where? - we've got the option of doing it in Spain or doing it in England - What time?' Hopefully over the next few weeks, we can nail a date down and a [venue] and start sending the invites out."

Elliott Wright's new show Playa In Marbella trailer, ITVBe
29 June

© Twitter / @ITVBe

Fans will get to see Elliott propose onscreen.

Elliott and Sadie's romance blossomed after he decided to leave TOWIE last year and move to Marbella, meaning this will be the first time fans will be able to get a good insight into their relationship.

We asked the pair how they first met, and Sadie told us: "[Elliott] makes this story up."

He admitted the couple have "different swings" on how they got to know each other, but telling us his version anyway, Elliott explained: "We met in my friend's bar. He has a bar from around the corner to where Olivia's is. We was chatting then and I had tickets to my opening party. They were like hotcakes at the time and I wasn't giving any tickets out. Sadie wanted some..."

Sadie interjected. She laughed: "No. I didn't actually ask him. This isn't true."

Elliott then finished: "Anyway, I basically conned her into going for dinner with me and I said, 'I can give you the tickets tomorrow, but you'll have to come and meet me tomorrow because I haven't got them on me.' When she turned up, I said I'd forgot them, but I'd give them to her tomorrow and I kind of dragged it out. I wormed my way in."

Elliott Wright announces engagement to Sadie Stuart, 3 June 2016

© Twitter / @elliottwright_

Elliott and Sadie got engaged in June.

TOWIE: Elliott Wright and Chloe Sims in Marbella in June 2015.

© Instagram / towie

Elliott had previously dated Chloe on TOWIE.

There's no denying that Elliott and Sadie are seriously loved-up, you just have to look at their social media feeds to realise that. And Elliott gushed that he is in a "great place" with his other half.

Having done reality before, Elliott knows all too well what affect the cameras can have on relationships, but he insisted he wasn't nervous about having Sadie join him onscreen for Playa In Marbella.

Comparing Playa In Marbella to TOWIE, Elliott told us: "This is shot completely different to TOWIE. The crew aren't looking for storylines. If Sadie and I were genuinely having an argument, they would follow that. They wouldn't be looking into other people's views on our relationship."

Elliott added: "For me, I'm in a great place with Sadie and that's the reason why she has a ring on her finger."

Making a slight dig at his relationship with ex-girlfriend Chloe Sims, Elliott added: "With TOWIE, it made great TV. It was a toxic relationship."

Playa In Marbella kicks off on ITVBe Wednesday 20 July at 9pm.

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